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a beginner’s guide to Attunement: The Energy of Being   $30 + Mailing

A 53-page introductory book for Attunement. It is an easy-to-read book with color photos, graphics and study questions to assist in opening the door of understanding to the world of Attunement. There are chapters in this book describing the energy of Being, energy ethics, the One Law, creative fields, Attunement cosmology, Attunement and world history, the endocrine system and hand positions for the Eight-Step Protocol and Endocrine Attunement techniques. 

Attunement: Love Made Visible    $40 + Mailing

A 180-page workbook conveying the basic principles of Attunement, Attunement cosmology, how the Attunement process works and the spirituality behind Attunement. This black and white workbook contains Attunement techniques, numerous charts, diagrams, and an understanding of human anatomy. Chapter topics also include the exploration of spiritual consciousness in the development of personal identity, an in-depth description of the endocrine system, pregnancy and birth, working with doctors, death and dying, long-distance Attunement, public practice, fasting and cleansing, and working with nature.  SOLD OUT

Attunement: The Creator’s Magic    $50 + Mailing

A 278-page advanced Attunement workbook dedicated to the late Roger deWinton, Attunement Mentor and Teacher, and is considered to be an expansive exploration of topics contained in the workbook Attunement: Love Made Visible. With thoughts and quotes from many people, contents include Attunement principles as they relate to the One Law, Creative Field Technology and Attunement Cosmology. Topics such as spiritual psychiatry, cycles of human development from conception to puberty to adulthood, as well as a brief look at human history, are also included. There is an in-depth chapter on the Seven Seals, their related endocrine glands and spirits. Chapters on Energy and Patterns, Self, Long-Distance, Animal (with personal stories) and Weather Attunement, the Design of Being and World History complete this workbook. 

Attunement Protocols     $35 + Mailing

The Attunement Protocols book is an 86+ page book for those who have had some Attunement training. It includes all the techniques taught to date and a description of Attunement for various imbalances. There are colored charts, demonstration photos, and detailed description of hand positions for each technique. 

Andrew Shier's Book

Andrew Shier has written a book on Attunement.  You can find more information on his website by clicking here.