Heartland Attunement
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 The primary Attunement is known through a consciousness of identity that is aligned and in union with the Creator-Being.   - Chris Jorgensen

Chris and Donna Jorgensen have lived in many parts of the United States. For twenty-five plus years they have made their home in the Kansas City, Missouri area. For them, Kansas City feels like the heart of the North American continent, and in that heart are many nurturing relationships. 

Heartland Attunement Inc, Chris’ public Attunement and CranioSacral practice, closed in the summer of 2022 after 27 years.  Chris has authored four Attunement books and, together with Donna, lectured and taught numerous Attunement classes. He remains active in long-distance Attunement work and the International Planetary Attunement Team (IPAT) which enfolds various energetic patterns in the world body. 

Chris is a founding Director of the International Association of Attunement Practitioners (IAAP), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the support of Attunement around the world. For further information IAAP’s website is attunementpractitioners.org

Attunement is a non-invasive therapy incorporating non-touch and occasional light touch that balances the physiologic, spiritual and energetic functions of the body. It is a high spiritual art that involves the direct sharing of the radiant life force contained in Being. Thus, Attunement works directly with the energy of Being. It is the reality of Love, the Love of the Creator-Being, made visible. Attunement is natural to experience because the presence of Being is behind each pattern of Life including the human form. In Being is the blueprint for living, purpose, the design for health, and the place from whence healing truly originates. A person’s experience of Attunement is known through a consciousness of identity as heart and mind are aligned and in union with the Creator-Being. In Attunement there is an invitation to come into the sacred home of Being – an experience characterized by stillness, peace, harmony, and oneness with the Divine.

Today there are Attunement Practitioners and teachers in the larger Kansas City area who are providing classes and sessions of Attunement. If you find yourself interested in learning more, please contact Erin Rivers (erinrivers59@gmail.com), Karen Knox (shuddhik@gmail.com), Reven Bronson (revenbronson@gmail.com) or Tom Hansen (living-arts.com) for further information.