Shared Attunement Experiences

The blessing of Attunement in my living is that I have learned who I Am and to be present in that knowing — to choose in each breath alignment with Being. The Attunement current, the Tone of Being, allows me to bless and hold that which is my responsibility and to bless and release all else that passes through my field of consciousness. This allows me to create a sacred place of Being in my world … a world that would appear mundane to so many and is so rich in the current of Attunement.

Teri FraileyLaw Firm Receptionist, Motorcyclist - Shawnee, KS

As a Pediatrician in a large teaching Medical Center, I find there is a limit to the resources available when working to encompass the wholeness of a patient. Attunement complements the allopathic work. Attunement activates the current of love and harmony within each person, allowing the natural state of health to emerge from within, to repair and restore balance.

Anna Esparham, MDPediatrician - Kansas City, KS

An Attunement given in love makes the whole world a brighter place. I love giving and receiving the harmonizing energy of Attunement.

Dorothy EmeryChiropractor, NAET Practitioner – Weston, MO

Attunement has changed my life. Because of my Attunement experience, I have seen and felt things and now have a deeper understanding of life and living. I am a wiser and a more enlightened human being. I have learned that Life is the blessing of a continuous, conscious journey and it is only truly experienced through co-creative living. I love Attunement.

Chris AshnerHusband, Father, Builder, Musician – Overland Park, KS

Living in Attunement has brought Self–awareness and balance to my life. I bring these qualities to those that I live and work with every day.

Sandra KarrRegistered Nurse, Allergy Specialist – Lee’s Summit, MO

My experience of the Attunement Initiation was one of awe, of awakening, of coming home, and an almost indescribable sense of joy in remembering. I knew in that moment there was no turning back, and my heart would be forever open in a new way.

Tom HansenInformation Technology Manager, Reiki Master-Teacher - Lenexa, KS

The potent healing current of Attunement has been and is an integral part of my life, from the birth of children, childhood diseases, cancer, to the death of a friend. Attunement brings wholeness and healing to all areas of my living.

Vicki BarbourCranioSacral Therapist, Grief Counselor – Erie, CO

I use Attunement as a homemaker to make love visible in and around our home. I also have used it for healing relationships in our family, in health issues with myself, my children and grandchildren.

Kay MarshallHomemaker – Lathrop, MO

In my counseling and nursing work, Attunement has given me a way to keep my boundaries clear, to separate the emotions of my clients from my own, and to respect my intuition in identifying core issues.

Heather S. RischarLicensed Professional Counselor, Nurse - Prairie Village, KS

Attunement renews what I already know and feel: The Spirit of Love is to be trusted above all else, and when I’m living that trust, I can say to my world ‘All is well’.

Cliff RobertsHigh School English Teacher – Woodland, CA