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These articles, written by Chris Jorgensen, cover many topics related to Attunement principles and process, health, healing, and personal awareness of our true nature. If you wish to communicate with Chris about any of his articles, please click the link to send him an email. Articles may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without permission.


  In our Attunement Classes in Kansas City, MO we use an edited/condensed version of Uranda’s (Lloyd Meeker) booklet entitled, “The Seven Steps to the Temple of Light”. These seven steps correlate with the seven endocrine glands and their related “spirits”. The second step to the temple of light is “ tranquility ”(adrenals…Spirit of the Single Eye) Second Step to the Temple of Light: Tranquility Tranquility relates to our mental nature. In it is the perfect peace of the divine one within. In tranquility is the everlasting attitude toward external events wherein one can say, “none of these things move me”. Tranquility is a supreme virtue…for therein is perfect freedom in the limitless eternal. In tranquility nothing of a destructive nature can abide. Our minds are necessary to our transformation. As an open window for our inner being, the mind is perfect. Throughout the experience of the chaos that is in

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  In our Attunement Classes in Kansas City, MO we use an edited/condensed version of Uranda’s (Lloyd Meeker) booklet entitled, “The Seven Steps to the Temple of Light”. These seven steps correlate with the seven endocrine glands and their related “spirits”. The first step to the temple of light is “patience” (gonads…Spirit of the New Earth) First Step to the Temple of Light: Patience Patience relates to our physical nature. In it is a resignation to the will of the divine one within. In true patience is the steadfast attitude toward the unreal, “it matters not to me”. Thus it is that we are free from all attachments of the outer world. Our physical nature is the result of Absolute reality…the physical body is real and beautiful…in it are revealed the secret things of the Creator…through it work the cosmic forces of the Universe. In patience there is no condemnation.

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Attunement in Living Today

  The events that have tragically unfolded in Paris over the last weekend have again challenged most people’s sense of safety, comfort, and decency. Listening to the media’s numerous reports of terrorists shooting people – mostly young people out-on-the town for a night of entertainment and camaraderie – can give one a sense that all is lost in a world gone mad. It is a fact that the situation in Paris is just another of many events that have transpired over recent months. So, what is really unfolding in humanity? – in a word, clarification! When sharing Attunement I know that the radiation of Love will bring clarification. In patterns large and small, clarification will include integration and disintegration. “Let Love radiate without concern for results” is something taught in Attunement classes from day one. “If we are to have an awareness of God, then we must have attunement with

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No More Sea (edited/condensed) Martin Exeter, June 14, 1987

  The universe is a living universe. Our galaxy is a living galaxy. Our solar system is a living solar system. Our earth is a living earth. This latter awareness is beginning to dawn on some human beings, that the earth is a living entity. Human beings have been so wrapped up in their own petty existence that they haven’t noticed life anywhere else. But finally it begins to dawn, in the consciousness of some at least, that the earth itself is a living entity. The earth has been able to operate and to sustain the existence of what we call nature and human existence thus far without the presence of man. I suppose one could say that’s a very remarkable feat, because man was an essential ingredient in the overall picture. But man has been absent. Consequently various substitutes had to be brought into action if human existence was

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Consciousness in Attunement Perception

A few days ago a family physician from Maine shadowed me through a half day of client visits. He is in Kansas City on a one-year fellowship offered by the Integrative Internal Medicine program at the Kansas University Medical Center. During this year he will visit and shadow other complementary healing and health practitioners. This well-educated, highly sensitive young doctor was keenly interested in several aspects of what is offered to people, particularly how to read and perceive the energy and vibration of each person. In our brief time together I spoke about, demonstrated, and had him team with me in offering Attunement. What is Attunement perception? The world (and solar system) is continuing to move in a spiral ascension through the starry heavens, a movement which is bringing a higher vibration to the planet and all of its living forms. There is consequently an intensification of the transformation, metamorphosis

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