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These articles, written by Chris Jorgensen, cover many topics related to Attunement principles and process, health, healing, and personal awareness of our true nature. If you wish to communicate with Chris about any of his articles, please click the link to send him an email. Articles may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without permission.

The Creative Triangle (edited/condensed) Martin Cecil, March 16, 1969

In all service, of whatever nature, there is what we may call a duality involved. There are two factors which permit service to be extended. These two factors should be more or less self-evident in our gathering this morning. All of you are one of them; and I, up here, am the other. It would be impossible for service to be rendered just by all of you sitting there, with no one up here. It would be impossible for service to be rendered if someone were sitting up here but there was no one down there. We are equally important, and we properly form this duality of which I have spoken. However, in any creative expression there must always be a third point also. There is an apex which we may recognize by the use of the word God. The duality which is present here is on earth. This is

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Love’s Creative Field

Sharing Attunement opens up a sacred and intimate experience of working in the radiation of Love. Love and the Creative Field was the title of a recent IAAP teleconference call. Love has been defined in many different ways through songs, movies, etc. In fact there is a song, created for a movie that won an Academy Award in 1955, entitled “Love Is a Many Splendored Thing”. That said, what is love really? The seventh step in Uranda’s Seven Steps to the Temple of Light is Love. Here is a quote: “…The Secret of All is the Secret of Love and only he who Loves is able to understand Love. To the one who Loves not, these words will be empty. To the Blessed One who Loves in Selfless Love, these words will reveal the All. The Way of Love is Love. To know Love the Blessed One begins to practice

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Meditation and Thinking

“If we are to have an awareness of God, then we must have attunement with God – attunement, awareness, conviction. If individual attunement with infinity was more vivid and real than attunement with the finite, the awareness of the eternal would outshine the awareness of this changing scene, and conviction under the power of God would dwarf into nothingness the convictions that men have concerning the powers of evil. –Uranda, 6/16/47 Meditation and Thinking (edited/condensed) Martin Cecil, September 4, 1963 The world has been in the self-active, or fallen, state for millennia past. It has become more or less set in the patterns of self-activity. Human beings everywhere have contributed to the maintenance of this state and there are those who think to take advantage of it. Human beings everywhere seek to do so in a variety of small ways, but there are those who operate on a larger scale

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In our Attunement Classes in Kansas City, MO we use an edited/condensed version of Uranda’s (Lloyd Meeker) booklet entitled, “The Seven Steps to the Temple of Light”. These seven steps correlate with the seven endocrine glands and their related “spirits”. The third step to the temple of light is “realization” (Islets of Langerhans…Spirit of Blessing) Third Step to the Temple of Light: Realization Realization relates to our spiritual expression nature. In realization is recognition of that which is. In realization there is perfect letting go…herein there is no struggle or strife. One does all things for the pure love of responding to the urge of the divine one within…always abiding in a realization of that which is. In realization one is fully aware that all things necessary to the outworking of the perfect plan are already provided. In realization is the absolute awareness of the presence of the divine one

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Ages and Stages…Anxiety and Stress

Like the Cosmic Whole, constantly in motion, we each experience movement through the ages and stages of life in human form. Leaving the sixties for the seventies brings a shift into yet another phase of life experience. And, it is easy to observe a similar process with the clients I see, some who have been sharing Attunement for 25 years. While there are various vibrational and physical patterns that appear during the yearly cycle, like colds in the early fall, sore muscles and joints in the summer, flu and toxic conditions in the holidays, stress during crisis and political elections, etc., there are noticeable patterns and phases in the ages and stages in the human growth and aging process. One observation is that often there is an intensification, both disintegration and integration, at the end of one cycle or stage before movement into the next. In many ways it is

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