Heartland Attunement Articles

These articles, written by Chris Jorgensen, cover many topics related to Attunement principles and process, health, healing, and personal awareness of our true nature. If you wish to communicate with Chris about any of his articles, please click the link to send him an email. Articles may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without permission.

Beings of Light

I finished the energy session with my client, a friend and healer himself. As I was doing a final sweep of the body following Attunement, he remarked how he had perceived significant heat and light moving in and through his body. He moved his hand in a wave motion to demonstrate the experience. Now he felt renewed, balanced and whole. Attunement is a divine gift. It allows for a coherency to reappear even in the direst of circumstances. And balance is the key for me. Working with others to find the balance point and allow it to reappear again in their lives is inspiring and at times breathtaking. As the individual returns to the place of balance, his or her own healing and health energies can flow unhindered to address whatever problems or blockages there may be in body, mind and feelings. A new translation of who they are is

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Earth Changes and Attunement

Have you been watching the news over the past few months? There are major earth changes taking place every day of every week. Some are reported by the main stream media, however most are not. Some scientist say it is no different than any other time in the earth’s past while others, with an alternative perspective, will mention that the changes are speeding up and increasing in intensity as if we are moving towards some climatic point in the future. Earthquakes have occurred in Haiti, Chile, Japan, Taiwan, Spain, Alaska, Indonesia – many places near and far. There are volcanoes erupting in Iceland (which have trapped thousands of people at airports across Europe) and Mt. Garat in the Pacific Island nation of Vanuatu. The magnetic poles are drifting (west) at an increasing rate which will be over 80 miles this year. The strength of the earth’s magnetic field has weakened

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Guardian Angel

Twenty people attended a lively Attunement Session this past Sunday. The dynamic theme for the conversation was the “ever-present guardian angel”. It was inspired from the wisdom and writings of Jean Hammond, a conscious Attunement friend in Colorado. Jean wrote, “When what are viewed as ‘bad’ things happen, someone might ask, “Well, where was the guardian angel?” We live in an increasingly mixed-up world, and because of the outer and inner tangles, sometimes things happen that shouldn’t, reflecting the fallen state. Sometime such things can be mitigated by intensifying the spirit of the guardian angel in oneself, and deliberately consciously trusting the working of the larger Design.” Words of wisdom indeed. And another quote, “Guardian is defined as: a defender, protector, or keeper; and guardian angel as: a spirit that is believed to watch over and protect a person or place. We are Spirit, and one job we have while

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What is Attunement?

This question has been voiced many times over the last 30 years of teaching Attunement. Simply said, Attunement is union. The Attunement approach in living allows for the re-alignment of the human capacities of conscious expression – energy, feeling-heart, thinking-mind and action-body (what many people think of as “me”) – and the experience of union with Being. Being is the Creator. In the Attunement process there is a fundamental shift of conscious identity, into a perspective that I am a Creator Being with a human vehicle. What is a Creator Being? Someone studying quantum physics might say Being is light and consciousness. From my experience I say the Creator Being is Love and Light and Life and this substance (I often used the word radiation) can be revealed through one’s consciousness. In the book, Attunement: The Creator’s Magic, I say this about Being. “Being is eternal. Being is known through

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Attunement and Me

Welcome to my Attunement blog. Thank you ahead of time for reading my words as well as for your interest in Attunement. I know there are blogs, blogs and more blogs about everything under the sun available through the internet world. The recent movie Julie and Julia finally tweaked my interest to the point that I am committing to using this medium to say something about my experience of Attunement. However, it should be noted that although the movie helped, I have been chewing on the Attunement blog idea for a couple of years. I first learned about Attunement some 40 years ago when a Chiropractor, Joe Wilson, shared an Attunement with me on a visit to an intentional spiritual community. During that first experience my body started to vibrate and to emit light. I was transformed. It was one of the coolest things I had experienced in my 22

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