Heartland Attunement Articles

These articles, written by Chris Jorgensen, cover many topics related to Attunement principles and process, health, healing, and personal awareness of our true nature. If you wish to communicate with Chris about any of his articles, please click the link to send him an email. Articles may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without permission.

Mental Health and Attunement

Having a public Attunement practice has afforded me the opportunity to work with many different (social, cultural, ethnic, economical) clients and their varied situations, ranging from wellness to immanent loss of life. One of the challenging areas of work has been with mental health and wellness. I have shared Attunement with people who are dealing with a multiple personality disorder, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, panic attacks, addictions, and fear. The gift of Attunement in these circumstances has been more than awesome. Attunement has helped – in conjunction with other therapies such as psychotherapy – individuals to mend the broken pieces of their lives and to clarify matters like self-respect, worth, meaning and purpose in life. What is mental health? According to Mosby’s Medical Dictionary (8th edition, 2009), it is a relative state of mind in which a person is able to cope with and adjust to the recurrent stresses of everyday

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Being Spiritual

Recently, someone close to me asked the question, “What does being spiritual mean to you?” This question came in the middle of a conversation about death. Are we just a physical body with an ego mind and emotions or are we something more?—the “something more” relating to Being (Spirit), consciousness, energy, and a matter body with a mind and feeling capacity. Webster’s II dictionary defines spiritual as – “relating to, consisting of, or having the nature of spirit: not tangible or material – of concern with the Soul – relating to God.” Yes. Indeed, there are many interpretations of what spiritual is in our world. For some it is religion and ancient texts, others meditation and prayer, communing with nature, or attending new age seminars and reading inspirational books, or learning the great mysteries. Perhaps there are as many ideas about being spiritual as there are human beings. Wait a

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The Generations of Pneumaplasm Part II

The X-ers have come into form during a dizzying period of transition where society, which has been lost in materialism and individual achievement, is moving towards a more whole, green, sustainable, and balanced perspective of Spirit and the material world. While purification remains strong, there is a new respect for all aspects of Life. This generation did not participate in the traditional dating scene of two dating each other; rather they spend time in packs and groups. Instead of two going to some event like a movie, the whole gang of 8 or 10 goes together. There is the appearance of a more tangible expression of oneness and accord, especially with the advent of the internet, twitter, and multi-purpose cell phones which help to convey experiences of daily,  and sometimes moment-by-moment living. The X-errs are in touch with each other more than any generation before them. More interracial relationships are

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The Generations of Pneumaplasm – Part I

Over the years I have found myself sharing Attunement with all kinds of people. These individuals come from the four generations that are in form on Earth. Today this includes the generations that experienced the depression and World War II: (70-85 plus), the Boomers (45-65), the X-errs (20-40), and the Millennium (new born to 15). Each generation has it own quality and character of energy/radiation that creates a unique range of spiritual substance that one can tangibly perceive. I understand that it takes all four generations being in form at the same time to provide the full range of pneumaplasm whereby Spirit-Being can create on the surface of our planet. The generation that went through the worldwide experiences of the depression, followed immediately by the Second World War, came into form in the 1920s and 1930s with a quality of radiation that allowed these events to be handled. Their collective

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Bureaucracy and Fear

I was up early this morning. Just before sunrise the moon and Saturn were in close proximity, and you could see them both. If you gaze up into the starry heavens you cannot help but be filled with a sense of awe and wonder. Obviously something very large is transpiring, and it all seems orderly with a heavenly government to it. In thinking about the planetary design of things, I’ve realized that there have been some interesting changes anent (concerning) Earth down through history. You can read about them in alternative history books or web sites like http://www.varchive.org. It may be that the planets and their moons and the Earth’s moon among other things haven’t always been where they are now. Where they are now is for the balancing of the attunement factors today. Back ten or twenty thousand years ago the factors and alignments were different. Bureaucracy is the design

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