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These articles, written by Chris Jorgensen, cover many topics related to Attunement principles and process, health, healing, and personal awareness of our true nature. If you wish to communicate with Chris about any of his articles, please click the link to send him an email. Articles may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without permission.


A few days ago we shared a Sunday Attunement Session in the Kansas City Heartland Attunement office/classroom. This is something usually done once a month. I love and enjoy these sacred times when the group comes together in Attunement to acknowledge the joy of oneness and to share in the radiation and light of Love. Regardless of the number of people attending, there is an uplifting current – a fine generation of pneumaplasm. The time includes hands-on Attunement, perhaps a presentation by someone and an open, focused dialogue of a particular theme connected to the current day, the larger world dynamics and the attunement process. Following the recent Session, someone approached me and said that they felt and saw a light in the group’s midst. The comment reminded me of a statement spoken by the Master Teacher Jesus. Jesus spoke unto them, saying “I am the light of the world.

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Attunement Practitioner’s – Keepers of Balance and Harmony

In the recent IAAP International teleconference call I spoke about stewardship. Attunement in practice and in lifestyle gives evidence of true stewardship. In the creation of the planet–according to a number of creation stories–Man, male and female, were created to steward the garden. Here is a description from the Bible: Genesis 1: 26: And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea (water) and over the fowl of the air (air) and the over the cattle and over all the earth (earth), and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth (fire). 28: And God blessed them, and God said unto them. Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish (to sanctify) the earth, and subdue it (to coordinate all the vibrational aspects of the processes of Life): and have dominion (stewardship) over the fish of

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In our Attunement Classes in Kansas City, MO we use an edited/condensed version of Uranda’s (Lloyd Meeker) booklet entitled, “The Seven Steps to the Temple of Light”. These seven steps correlate with the seven endocrine glands and their related “spirits”. The fifth step to the temple of light is “radiance” (thyroid…Spirit of Life) Fifth Step to the Temple of Light: Radiance Radiance is the wellspring of life…it relates to the temple of light. Radiance is the expression of the divine one within. Radiance is the expanding essence of Being finding its release through the body, mind and heart. Radiance is the spirit of selfless service. Through radiance one views all necessities, limitations, lacks and disturbances in the world as avenues or channels of service…the opportunity for the One Law to work and for Being to have its way, thereby uplifting all unresolved elements so willing to become one with the

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Right Function in Relationship to the Creative Field – Uranda, October 19, 1946 (edited/condensed)

….But if you let your point of view move back to the center of reality, you found the natural cycles of the creative field to carry through into the center with respect to myself and then you could begin to see the truth made manifest. You could begin to see the reality and cease being deluded by concepts of the surface appearance of things. As that has been true of you and me, you find the same thing must be true of your cycle of expression as it moves out into the world. If whatever you do is to have true meaning it must be established on the basis of a creative cycle. If it is not it is merely outer form and will crumble. This has to do with the very core of gaining an understanding of the proper fitness of things, because until you have a creative cycle

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In our Attunement Classes in Kansas City, MO we use an edited/condensed version of Uranda’s (Lloyd Meeker) booklet entitled, “The Seven Steps to the Temple of Light”. These seven steps correlate with the seven endocrine glands and their related “spirits”. The fourth step to the temple of light is “assurance” (thymus…Spirit of Purification) Fourth Step to the Temple of Light: Assurance Assurance relates to one’s first direct cognition of the presence of inner Being – the divine one within. When separateness ceases and oneness is realized, assurance is certain. In perfect assurance every act is in accordance with the one Law, which cannot fail. One who has the experience of assurance knows what true faith is. Inner assurance is absolute, unwavering, centered in the eternal Law of Being, without doubt in action, without fear in thought and without uncertainty about that which is. In assurance there is no lack or

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