Kansas City Attunement Intensive 2013

◄ by Karen Knox and MaryAnne O’Mara ► Being immersed in Attunement Intensive energy for three days generated an experience of remembrance… remembering the true essence of each individual and remembering my highest nature.   Often we worked in teams of three, four, or five, and I found whether I was receiving Attunement or sharing it, I felt I was the one being worked on and changed on a deep level.  Inwardly, negativities dissolved, perspectives expanded and shifted. The sense of separation between me and others decreased, and I saw others merely as different aspects of myself which I accepted and honored.  One participant articulated similar feelings as she shared Attunement she heard inwardly “I Am”. There was no need to label or to have expectations of others as we pursued the common vision of humankind’s highest expression.  I respected each person’s striving to know divine essence and to serve humanity. 

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