In our Attunement Classes in Kansas City, MO we use an edited/condensed version of Uranda’s (Lloyd Meeker) booklet entitled, “The Seven Steps to the Temple of Light”. These seven steps correlate with the seven endocrine glands and their related “spirits”. The fifth step to the temple of light is “radiance” (thyroid…Spirit of Life)

Fifth Step to the Temple of Light: Radiance

Radiance is the wellspring of life…it relates to the temple of light.

Radiance is the expression of the divine one within.

Radiance is the expanding essence of Being finding its release through the body, mind and heart.

Radiance is the spirit of selfless service.

Through radiance one views all necessities, limitations, lacks and disturbances in the world as avenues or channels of service…the opportunity for the One Law to work and for Being to have its way, thereby uplifting all unresolved elements so willing to become one with the radiance.

Radiance shines forth from anyone who lets the divine one within act in and through all that is done.

Each one is therefore blended into the radiance of the divine one, thereby being uplifted into the experience of union with the Creator that is so longed for.

Attunement Blessings,