Right Function in Relationship to the Creative Field – Uranda, October 19, 1946 (edited/condensed)

….But if you let your point of view move back to the center of reality, you found the natural cycles of the creative field to carry through into the center with respect to myself and then you could begin to see the truth made manifest. You could begin to see the reality and cease being deluded by concepts of the surface appearance of things.

As that has been true of you and me, you find the same thing must be true of your cycle of expression as it moves out into the world. If whatever you do is to have true meaning it must be established on the basis of a creative cycle. If it is not it is merely outer form and will crumble. This has to do with the very core of gaining an understanding of the proper fitness of things, because until you have a creative cycle established by some means, there is nothing for a sure or sound foundation with respect to action. So you have to look beyond the surface of things, beyond the appearance, beyond the seeming, to some point of reality with respect to an individual, a circumstance, or a condition, and then, finding that point of reality and working from the point of reality within yourself, you begin to establish an actual creative cycle in a vibrational sense by processes of radiation, which to the degree that there is response permits the cycle to come back to you. Then whatever is the seeming manifestation of things between these two points of reality that are the points of polarity in the creative field comes within the range of action of the creative power. With the world as it now is, the results may seem to come slowly, but they come! They come with certainty, because as long as you can sustain response at the other point of polarity, and as long as the vibrational pattern is with respect to truth in your own consciousness, the creative cycle so established makes a creative field, acting upon the appearance of conditions, and the appearance of conditions must change to fit the vibrational pattern of truth made manifest in that creative field. Now, to the degree that this is actually seen and realized, you will be able to comprehend more easily what I have been doing in the past with respect to yourselves, with respect to others to whom I have ministered, and with respect to conditions. Where I had a point of polarity in reality, and a vibratory field set up and established and working so that there was a creative field, I have oftentimes acted in a way that was utterly unwarranted from a standpoint of outer appearances, because outer
appearances meant nothing to me. I knew what the vibratory pattern was in the creative field involved and I acted according to that.

Now as long as we act, as I said to start with, on the basis of the appearance of things in the world we will act wrongly. I do not care how much truth you may have in your mind, action based on the appearance of things is never creative action, no matter how you may struggle with it. Action, to be creative, must be based upon the vibratory patterns involved with respect to the truth of the pattern and the creative field, the stability of the points of polarity, and the length of time that may reasonably be anticipated within the scope wherein fulfillment may be possible. In other words it would be foolish to undertake to open a creative field for the development of certain results if the time element were such that you knew it could not find fulfillment….

Attunement Blessings,