The Creative Triangle (edited/condensed) Martin Cecil, March 16, 1969

In all service, of whatever nature, there is what we may call a duality involved. There are two factors which permit service to be extended. These two factors should be more or less self-evident in our gathering this morning. All of you are one of them; and I, up here, am the other. It would be impossible for service to be rendered just by all of you sitting there, with no one up here. It would be impossible for service to be rendered if someone were sitting up here but there was no one down there. We are equally important, and we properly form this duality of which I have spoken. However, in any creative expression there must always be a third point also. There is an apex which we may recognize by the use of the word God. The duality which is present here is on earth. This is where we are; this is where we live; this is where we may serve. The apex point may be referred to as an invisible point, but it must be there nevertheless, because there is a right relationship established between the two visible points in the duality with that apex point.

The truth was stated long ago through the words: “If two of you agree on earth as touching anything, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.” Here we see the two-the duality-on earth, and the invisible point of apex referred to as the “Father in heaven.” This we may speak of as the creative triangle. For a duality to be a true duality there must be the right point of apex. What is created by the duality at the level where the creation is to take place will be in the likeness of the apex point. It is possible to have other apex points than the true one, in which case what is produced will be accordingly. So we are gathered here this morning to participate in a creative process, recognizing the need for the facility of this particular duality composed of you and me. We have a very specific part to play. There can be no creation without us. On the other hand, there can be no true creation unless we know something of what we are doing and our centering is correctly focused at the point of the true apex. Then something may happen.

A true duality remains a part of the creative triangle consistently, no matter where the parts of that duality may be in the geographical sense. At the moment it’s easy because we are all sitting here in the Chapel together and we have a direct consciousness of our association therefore. We have a direct consciousness of the fact of this duality. But if it is only a fact while we are sitting here and is dissipated when we leave the Chapel, then the creative facility no longer exists and whatever was being brought forth ceases to be brought forth. We can see here how important it is that the true duality should be an abiding thing if the creative achievement is to appear as it is designed to appear. The facility must continue to be there for it to work. If it is just a temporary thing nothing much happens…

….A creative triangle requires a base centered in the apex, the true apex. That base always is a duality in that it has two points, what we may call a positive and a negative point in the base of the triangle. We need to learn how to function correctly at that base. We may recognize that there are many creative triangles, many wheels within wheels, but we begin to become aware of the nature of them and we begin to see how they relate to our own experience, our own living, so that we may always abide under the shadow of the Almighty in the secret place of the Most High, which is to say, in the real duality. The evidence of this creativeness appears around us, and when we are part of the cause of what is taking place we see what is taking place with new eyes. It may look like destructiveness to the old state of consciousness because it is destructive or dissipating, disintegrating, of the old state of consciousness. So the old state of consciousness and those who are involved in it don’t like it. It’s displeasing, it’s uncomfortable, it’s painful. But if you are not participating in that state of consciousness it isn’t displeasing, it isn’t uncomfortable. It is seen as being a part of a creative process, because the rubbish is being cleared away and the material that was composing that rubbish can then be used in a new design in the bringing forth of a new world. So what seems destructive in the old state of consciousness, in the new state now is seen as actually being constructive. It is merely destructive to the old state, and that’s fine, if we’re concerned with the new state. It needs to go. Nobody need stay in that old state, although doubtless there are many who will insist on it. But that’s their choice! That’s their choice.

Attunement Blessings,