Love’s Creative Field

Sharing Attunement opens up a sacred and intimate experience of working in the radiation of Love. Love and the Creative Field was the title of a recent IAAP teleconference call. Love has been defined in many different ways through songs, movies, etc. In fact there is a song, created for a movie that won an Academy Award in 1955, entitled “Love Is a Many Splendored Thing”. That said, what is love really? The seventh step in Uranda’s Seven Steps to the Temple of Light is Love. Here is a quote:

“…The Secret of All is the Secret of Love and only he who Loves is able to understand Love. To the one who Loves not, these words will be empty. To the Blessed One who Loves in Selfless Love, these words will reveal the All. The Way of Love is Love. To know Love the Blessed One begins to practice Love. The Way of the Christ is love. The Way of Joy is Love. The Way of Peace is Love. The Way of perfect Health is in Love. The Way of release from fear and worry is Love. The Way of Freedom is Love. The Way of Eternal Life is Love. “I AM” is Love. “I AM THAT I AM” is Love. Love is All…..Love is firm, courageous, and sure. Love is no respecter of persons. Love stands serene and tranquil at all times under all conditions, for Love is Selfless. Love seeks for nothing because Love is all things. Love bargains not because Love has needed nothing. Love is never lonely because Love is Oneness with the All That Is….”

Over the years I have been inspired in my Attunement work by these divine words. As I was reading them again, one particular comment stood out to me, “love is no respecter of persons”. What was Uranda saying and what does it mean? When I meditate upon these words, I am aware that each person is potentially the perfect expression of Love (Being) in human form. And that said, this fact is not always revealed in living. Current human forms when viewed as a cell in the larger Body (humanity), are temporary and dispensable in an overall sense, akin to my flesh body turning over cells daily that have completed their job or that are not alignment with the current vibration of the whole body. This is done through body dynamics such as breath and excretory functions. Millions of human forms (cells) come and go each day, while Love is still expressed and known in the collective One. This realization makes me appreciative for the time and experience of my individual human form and even more thankful for the sacredness of the larger collective body of humanity.

I love Attunement because it opens the opportunity to know the radiation of Love as a cell in the larger body of Being. Attunement shared with at least one other person opens the experience of working and sharing in a creative field. It is the active, functioning creative field that is of great value, and there is deepest respect through Love’s expression. This principle of Love/Being creating with the magic of a creative field extends into larger (macro) and lesser (micro) realms of creation. It is the primary principle for the work of Creator-Beings.

In a conversation with a spiritual mentor I received counsel relative to relationships. One specific piece of advice was, “Don’t go beyond the substance of your union”. I said, “Yes, okay, got it.” Truthfully, it has taken many years of living and working (successes and failures) in many creative fields to understand what he really meant. If you go beyond the substance of your union in the creative field in which you work and love, then Love’s Radiation does not have a container and the radiation can then be destructive. There is plenty of distortion and destruction on Earth–not because of plants and animals, but because of people living beyond the substance of their creative fields or ignoring the fact that they are participating in a creative field.

So…Love is no respector of persons, but is a respector of creative fields. Each Attunement opens a creative field. Let me be respectful of that field. Let me care for that field. Let me not go beyond the substance of that field. Let me be a true steward of Love’s Radiation to the end that “Earth’s pain’s are healed and cruel chaos of mind’s spawning is called again to order and to beauty.”–attuned and re-harmonized by Love.

Attunement Blessings,