Ages and Stages…Anxiety and Stress

Like the Cosmic Whole, constantly in motion, we each experience movement through the ages and stages of life in human form. Leaving the sixties for the seventies brings a shift into yet another phase of life experience. And, it is easy to observe a similar process with the clients I see, some who have been sharing Attunement for 25 years. While there are various vibrational and physical patterns that appear during the yearly cycle, like colds in the early fall, sore muscles and joints in the summer, flu and toxic conditions in the holidays, stress during crisis and political elections, etc., there are noticeable patterns and phases in the ages and stages in the human growth and aging process. One observation is that often there is an intensification, both disintegration and integration, at the end of one cycle or stage before movement into the next. In many ways it is similar to a birthing process.

The design of life is rich and pleasurable. Each age or stage of living has its own focus of vibratory factors and patterns to be appropriately handled. When done so, the experience brings an expansion of awareness and consciousness of true Identity and a greater knowing of the essences of Being. Having lived through a number of ages and stages one may have generated a degree of spiritual substance – in Attunement we call it pneumasplasm – which gives a certain level of understanding and capability in working with the design of life. This is one big plus for growing older! The design is awesomely beautiful and complete in itself. At any given moment the numerous individual cells in the larger collective body of humankind are performing the many diverse functions at all of the ages and stages of life. I find myself filled with rejoicing, gratitude and thankfulness for all of life’s experiences. If a person does not have much spiritual substance born of life experience as mentioned above—and sometimes even when you do—when intensity comes at whatever level, so will come anxiety and stress, especially at the mental and emotional levels. And unfortunately, when this does, a person often begins to experience doubt, guilt, worry, and the “what ifs”, and may mentally re-live some aspect of their life over and over without resolution. The mind is so perfectly created to provide focus—and that said, what the mind focuses on is the question. The whole subject touches a vital area of realization, namely I have a mind but I am not my mind or my thoughts; I am the Creator!

Claire Houston is the founder and director of the Women Supporting Women (WSW) Center in Exeter, NH, an ordained Interfaith Minister, a licensed Psychotherapist, an Attunement Practitioner and friend. She recently wrote some thoughts about working with the mind in the winter’s issue of the WSW Center newsletter. I enjoyed reading her thoughts and wish, with her permission, to share them. She entitled her article, “What You Want”. Thanks Claire!

Pushing against something actually feeds it energy. That which we resist, persists. A war against anything actually perpetuates the very thing undesired. Isn’t that wild? How, then, do we participate in improving things? We are born with the power to discern and decide between that which we want, and that which we don’t want. So, what do we do with that insight once we have it?

I call it “stop staring at the train wreck.” Out of habit, it seems most people tend to fixate on what’s not working; what they don’t like. They feel compelled to define it, explain it, fully understand it, and immerse themselves in that thing they don’t like. They join a group about that thing they don’t like, and focus some more on it. That is a recipe for perpetuating it.

I think some exploring and understanding is a good thing, but just long enough to define it so it can be turned into a spring board. It is at that point that our creative energies need to be turned away from that thing we don’t like, and toward something we do want. We use it as a pushing-off point in the opposite direction.

I read that some research was done on the power of turning ones thoughts. In a study on gratitude, the neuroscientist said that just reaching for thoughts of what you’re grateful for, even if you can’t think of anything, begins a powerful turning of brain chemistry and mood. I use this information as a balm for when I wake up in the middle of the night. I ask myself, “What am I grateful for?” Even if, at first, I can only think of things like, “This quiet, peaceful room, this soft bed, this warm home,” it isn’t long before other thoughts of gratitude begin to join those first efforts. I drift back to sleep dwelling on thoughts of wellbeing.

As much as it is a habit to stare at what’s gone wrong, it is just that, a habit. A habit can be unlearned, and updated information can replace it. It starts with simply setting an intention (an inside job), then giving it attention (an outside job), and the repeating. Before you know it, you’re breathing life into your desired future. Ah. That feels better!”

Besides encouraging self-awareness and helping to educate a person to see the positive side of life’s process and to also help them handle their mental and emotional anxiety and stress, I often use a simple Attunement at the beginning of the session combining aspects of the Endocrine, Breast Bone (Sternum), and Over-the-Head Attunement techniques. It really works and quickly helps the person to come back to their center. Sharing in this Attunement experience is a great elixir for anxiety and stress. It takes 10-15 minutes. Here are the steps.

GH = giving hand RH = receiving hand

  • Balance the cervical life pattern.

  • Share Attunement with the top four endocrine glands balancing the pineal, pituitary, thyroid and thymus glands.

  • Share Attunement with the thymus (RH) and the heart (GH).

  • Share Attunement with the liver, RH over the left ear and the GH over the liver.

  • Balance the Attunement radiation between the heart (GH) and the liver (RH).

  • Balance the Attunement radiation with the hands together over the top and bottom of the sternum.

  • Both hands together over the top of the head with the base of the thumbs over the pineal, fingers slightly spread and pointing forward over the motor cortex of the brain; balance the radiation.

  • Re-balance the cervical life pattern.


Attunement Blessings,