In our Attunement Classes in Kansas City, MO we use an edited/condensed version of Uranda’s (Lloyd Meeker) booklet entitled, “The Seven Steps to the Temple of Light”. These seven steps correlate with the seven endocrine glands and their related “spirits”. The first step to the temple of light is “patience” (gonads…Spirit of the New Earth)

First Step to the Temple of Light: Patience

Patience relates to our physical nature.

In it is a resignation to the will of the divine one within.

In true patience is the steadfast attitude toward the unreal, “it matters not to me”.

Thus it is that we are free from all attachments of the outer world.

Our physical nature is the result of Absolute reality…the physical body is real and beautiful…in it are revealed the secret things of the Creator…through it work the cosmic forces of the Universe.

In patience there is no condemnation. In patience is radiant love.


Attunement Blessings,