Attunement in Living Today


The events that have tragically unfolded in Paris over the last weekend have again challenged most people’s sense of safety, comfort, and decency. Listening to the media’s numerous reports of terrorists shooting people – mostly young people out-on-the town for a night of entertainment and camaraderie – can give one a sense that all is lost in a world gone mad. It is a fact that the situation in Paris is just another of many events that have transpired over recent months. So, what is really unfolding in humanity? – in a word, clarification!

When sharing Attunement I know that the radiation of Love will bring clarification. In patterns large and small, clarification will include integration and disintegration. “Let Love radiate without concern for results” is something taught in Attunement classes from day one.

If we are to have an awareness of God, then we must have attunement with God – attunement, awareness, conviction. If individual attunement with infinity was more vivid and real than attunement with the finite, the awareness of the eternal would outshine the awareness of this changing scene, and conviction under the power of God would dwarf into nothingness the convictions that men have concerning the powers of evil.”

fromAttunement With God”byUranda, 6/16/1947

As the challenging human activities in the larger world intensify, let me exemplify a living stance of Attunement. Attunement, that Love may be in the picture to clarify, to bring resolution, transformation and transmutation. Let us meet in the Attunement current together. Let us continue to share Attunement and bless the world.


Attunement Blessings,