No More Sea (edited/condensed) Martin Exeter, June 14, 1987


The universe is a living universe. Our galaxy is a living galaxy. Our solar system is a living solar system. Our earth is a living earth. This latter awareness is beginning to dawn on some human beings, that the earth is a living entity. Human beings have been so wrapped up in their own petty existence that they haven’t noticed life anywhere else. But finally it begins to dawn, in the consciousness of some at least, that the earth itself is a living entity.

The earth has been able to operate and to sustain the existence of what we call nature and human existence thus far without the presence of man. I suppose one could say that’s a very remarkable feat, because man was an essential ingredient in the overall picture. But man has been absent. Consequently various substitutes had to be brought into action if human existence was to continue; and there was an importance to this. The importance was in the expectation that ultimately man would be restored. If man is restored then the substitutes which are presently in operation would be unnecessary.

Insofar as this earth is concerned, one of the main substitutes which has enabled existence to be sustained are the oceans. It’s interesting to note that when mention is made of the appear-ance of the new heaven and the new earth, it was indicated that “the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.” The oceans as we now know them, occupying the majority of the planet, would be quite unnecessary if man was present. Of course, presently it is recognized that without the oceans it is likely that existence could not continue on earth, partly because in the oceans there are organisms which assist in the process of main-taining a balance, a balance in the atmosphere, a balance in the climate. So the very thought of eliminating the oceans would be disaster. Well of course as long as man isn’t present it would be.

It is interesting to recognize that there is some awareness at least, and it is described in the Book of Genesis, that the earth was once covered with water. That was before man put in an appearance. When man was present and available to the creative process, the functions which have subconsciously been carried on by reason of the presence of the ocean would not be necessary in the same way anymore. This is not to say that there necessarily was no water on the face of the earth, but certainly not the massive quantities that are presently filling the oceans. It seems that reference is made a number of times to the earth and the waters under the earth. Here is a very different state of affairs, if it actually existed.

I do not speak of these things to engender speculation, but merely to indicate that virtually all things of which human beings are aware relative to this planet are in fact substitutes because of the absence of man, and they give little indication of what the true state would be.

Of course presently we have the sun, which was presumably present before. It is a good symbol of God, Father God. And we still have the earth, revealing something of the potentiality of the form of Mother God. And we have the oceans, essential factors in maintaining the balance. There are other elements in this matter, but the oceans are the principal one for maintaining the balance of the gases in the atmosphere, so that existence as we know it may be sustained; that balance and the balance of climate. Climate is important too.

We are concerned with the restoration of man. We have awakened to this necessity, because the substitutes are all temporary. Somewhere along the way they don’t work anymore. They have just given time and opportunity for human beings to awaken and let man be restored. I suppose this could be seen as evidence of a very merciful God. The provision has come through the radiation of love – the radiation of love, partly symbolized by and partly factual as the radiation of the sun. Because of the changes which have occurred on the face of the earth, allowing for the establishment of substitute patterns of control in the absence of man, existence has continued. But there comes an end to that, because the substitutes, as has already been mentioned, are necessarily only temporary; and unless advantage is taken of this temporary provision to permit the restoration of man, then the picture would be very bleak. And it appears to be very bleak. There is no way that human existence can change the course of what is happening. The change comes only when man is present.


Attunement Blessings,