Consciousness in Attunement Perception

A few days ago a family physician from Maine shadowed me through a half day of client visits. He is in Kansas City on a one-year fellowship offered by the Integrative Internal Medicine program at the Kansas University Medical Center. During this year he will visit and shadow other complementary healing and health practitioners. This well-educated, highly sensitive young doctor was keenly interested in several aspects of what is offered to people, particularly how to read and perceive the energy and vibration of each person. In our brief time together I spoke about, demonstrated, and had him team with me in offering Attunement. What is Attunement perception?

The world (and solar system) is continuing to move in a spiral ascension through the starry heavens, a movement which is bringing a higher vibration to the planet and all of its living forms. There is consequently an intensification of the transformation, metamorphosis and transmutation processes. Just in my life time the world energy and vibration has noticeably shifted. By the end of World War II the world was moving out of the industrial era and into the technology era. I can remember the first computer (IBM 360) used at the University of Michigan in the sixties which was gigantic in size for a small amount of computing power compared to what is now contained in the hand-size cell phone. Utterly amazing. And then in the 1990s another shift—this time into what can be described as the information era, which effectively changed how our human society defines itself. E-mail, GPS, texting, instagrams, and tweets are only a few of the instantaneous ways people communicate with each other and share information. And now, today, I see another awareness shift into a greater understanding and sensing that everything is energy and vibration. This opens and redefines the experience of identity, union, spirituality, consciousness and oneness. The new state is based in one’s intuitive ability to read energy and vibration.

“Transformation literally means going beyond your form.” Wayne Dyer

Everyone is born sensitive and empathic–we are after all, Beings of Light, having a human experience. However, without validation (parents, teachers, coaches, mentors, etc.), many of the divinely inherent abilities to ‘feel’ or ‘sense’ things is never developed or even lost–especially for men; less so for women. One of the joys of Attunement is that the attunement process can reactivate the empathic, sensitive nature in oneself. In my early Attunement days, when working with my mentor, Roger deWinton, he encouraged me to ‘feel’ the life-patterns. Subsequently, I developed my own my own way of working with people. When ‘picking up’ a pattern I would let go of the more defined me, softening and expanding to include the pattern of energy or the person, literally merging with them. In the office I would hold the hands of the client. Whatever was transpiring in the person or in the pattern would reveal itself through my own body sensations, thoughts and feelings. This was very helpful in working with clients and particularly in sharing long-distance Attunement. Some clients have called me clairsentience or clairvoyant, terms used in metaphysics meaning inner touch or seeing. This was my Attunement perception which developed and worked for me until a few years ago.

Having a very healthy body and mind allowed me to merge and blend with other people and situational patterns; however merging and holding patterns beyond oneself requires a degree of life energy. And this is why some very talented, deeply feeling healers and health practitioner’s often burn themselves out or develop their own difficulties (physically, mentally and emotionally) as I also began experiencing. A shift occurred for me one evening after a long day of clients when in conversation with Donna she said, “Why don’t you consciously work with client patterns like you do with the weather?” Bingo! Heretofore, being empathic and sensitive for me meant discerning the energies and vibrations relative to a particular pattern within myself. Shifting into what could be called conscious perception meant letting consciousness expand (like water flowing from a fountain, moving out from a center point) outwards and in the process perceiving and discerning the subtle vibrations as they occur…directly–which allows for different ways of sharing, knowing, experiencing, communicating and loving. Conscious perception is perceiving and reading the radiant lines of Being (around which creation forms) through one’s own pneumaplasmic field. When consciousness is present in the attunement process, one needs to be sensitive to one’s own heart-felt thoughts and feelings because they will directly impact the pattern of energy one is working with.

In more recent years when a client comes seeking help with their physical, mental, and/or emotional problems, I am also listening to the Being who is present in the human form that is in front of me. I silently ask “Why have you come? How may I serve with you?” More times than not, it is little about what the outer ego of the person thinks is needed. Interestingly enough many clients have said they have felt an extra pair of hands on their body or in their energy field during the session. There were two Beings of Light in human form sharing the Attunement.

Conscious, sensitive, intuitive Attunement perception is always ‘on’. While we enjoy day-to-day life, at the same time we also notice the subtle stimulation of vibrations in the various creative fields in which we participate. All knowing is available and present in the moment without the usual mental commentary. This is now my current Attunement perception. Here are a few suggestions for keeping perception clear:

1. Daily clearing of yourself and your surroundings (home, office, etc.) is a must.
2. All knowing is available. What is needed in a specific circumstance will come to you (absolutely, with no doubts).
3. There is no need to go into another person’s pattern. We are already in a state of union. Simply expand your field of awareness. Alan Hammond once said, “There is no need to leave home–use your consciousness to do the work of Being.” This is how I share Attunement now.
4. Keep the emotional realm open and uncluttered. It is often the way by which information and direction will come to you and through which Being (incarnate and non-incarnate) communicates.
5. Enjoy living. Some of the last words from my mentor, Roger deWinton, were, “It is simpler than you think.” He was right!

Attunement Blessings,