Recreating the World (edited/condensed) Martin Exeter 3/15/81


The world which is known by human beings in general is a self-created world. There are certain fundamentals in this particular world which are commonly accepted in the awareness of all, but there are also unique aspects of this world created by each individual. I’m sure you have noted, in considering something with others, that what you see is not exactly what they see. In other words there is an individual translation being made of what comes within the range of perception out of this vibrational matrix. As I say, we commonly accept the earth. We see it in a certain way, but we also see it that way collectively. There are some who still are walking around on a flat earth, but most of us have accepted the idea of an orb; regardless of whether it is the truth of the matter or not, mind you. But we have tended to agree on this point and so we have a common earth, so to speak, which is composed of what we call physical substance. However this, as we have seen, is mostly space. It’s just the peripheral edge of vibrational substance, and human beings try to get hold of this peripheral edge in one way or another to use for their own self-devised purposes. And of course people get together with each other to achieve certain common purposes.

But it may be seen that all this occurs by reason of the beautifully designed instrument which the human being is capable of creating. It is said man was made in the image and likeness of God. God is supposedly a creator; therefore man is a creator, supposedly also a co-creator with God—at least this was the intention. But he’s gone off on his own and created a world according to his own devising. And he sees this world the way he sees this world, “Behold!” and this exists in the consciousness of human beings. Strangely enough it doesn’t really exist anywhere else. There is indeed something which has been translated this way. We have called it a vibrational matrix. Human beings individually and collectively have created the world in which they live, or in which they die I suppose would be a better way of describing it—they exist for a little while—because their translation is a mistranslation.

We’ve seen something of these things, but we might remind ourselves of them because the world the way human beings see it seems to be a very real place. From time to time we need to be reminded that it is not as real as it seems. It only exists in the consciousness of human beings, individually and collectively. The universe as it is understood, as it is seen to be, is a translation on the part of human beings of something or other, an extended matrix. And so we may have a greater sensing of the insubstantiality of the world. Because it has been created and human beings believe in it, and play their parts in maintaining this world in their own consciousness, paying attention to what is going on in this translation, they give a lot of weight to it. When you pay attention to something it grows in your consciousness; it becomes increasingly important. The importance of the thing to which attention is being paid may be a pleasing importance or a displeasing importance, but if attention is being paid to it, it tends to increase, become weightier, seemingly more solid we might say; and people create their own prisons in this fashion, complete with iron bars. They fence themselves in. We’ve all done it. We all still do it, with little realization of the potency of the creative ability which is still present in human beings.

…The vibrational substance in reality is all still there, but because what human beings struggle to get hold of is not seen as being an aspect of something far greater but is isolated as something all on its own in human consciousness, it seems to be running out, chiefly running out because this is the way human beings translate it. They see it in this way. “Well it seems so reasonable to say that if you keep on pumping oil out of the ground it’s going to run out one day. Anybody should see that; it’s common sense.” Is it? It’s the commonly accepted sense perhaps, although there are quite a few people who don’t seem to believe it. But here is a way that human beings have translated the situation. We have a world; human beings have created automobiles, for instance, in it, that presently run mostly on petroleum. Therefore what has been seen as being petroleum must be gotten somehow, in order to maintain the way of life to which we are accustomed. This massive state of affairs that has been humanly created is nevertheless, one might easily say, a figment of human fancy. Everything is translated in terms of this very peripheral, tenuous substance, which has a number of ramifications—petroleum being one of them, apparently. That’s the way human beings have translated it anyway, but it’s scarcely anything if we consider what is really there. There is this absolute solid of love; that’s not depleted at all.

Because the prism of truth has been lost in human experience the truth of love, which is the differentiation of the whole spectrum of love, is not seen, let alone understood. All that is seen and understood is a very peripheral rim around all this completeness. It is like one edge, we’ll say the red edge of a rainbow, and it is assumed that all that is, is red; therefore anything that is done has to be done in red—a very restricted state of affairs. This is the human world as under-stood by human beings, as translated that way in human consciousness. But there is a vast spectrum to this one substance when the prism of truth is accepted so that that translation may occur, that differentiation may occur, and the spectrum begins to put in an appearance within the range of human consciousness so that, surprisingly, it is found that it’s not all red.

So we have a world to recreate. This has been looked upon as a colossal task. We see the complexity of the human world the way it is now. How on earth could it ever be recreated into something more rational? Well of course there are many people who are struggling to do this. But if we come again into the position of true perspective we begin to comprehend that it isn’t such a massive task as it first seemed, because whatever is present is only present there because of the differentiation of the one substance. If it was possible to withdraw that one substance there wouldn’t be anything there at all. And you can’t separate the spectrum of the one substance from the one substance. It is merely, one might say I suppose, another state of that one substance. But it exists only because the one substance exists, the substance of love.

So we come again into position to appreciate the prism of truth and to accept that—even though it may not be immediately comprehended or understood—rather than the translations that human beings have made, ourselves included, of the world as it is now known. As I say, the world that is now known is a human creation; it exists only in human consciousness. It is the way it is in human consciousness because it has been made that way by human beings. It’s easy of course to say, “Well it was somebody else’s fault that it turned out this way.” And we have a considerable background of earthly heredity to blame, besides almost four-and-a-half billion people on earth today. But we’re one of those, and we are as responsible as anyone else. Oh it’s no use merely looking at that and saying, “Well I’m responsible, you’re responsible, everybody else is responsible.” It doesn’t change anything, does it? There is the necessity of letting the stance be moved. We must stand somewhere else, so that we can see things in a rational way and we’re no longer all involved in this irrational state of imaginary affairs which has been promoted in human consciousness to what they call reality.

…Our changing stance in human consciousness, is associated with what has come through the door which we have opened, so that we are bringing our substance there, our substance of thankfulness, our substance of delight, our substance of increasing understanding and enjoyment of what is happening, then we are in position to receive more of the spectrum of the substance of love. We include more. The world changes in consequence, the world within our own consciousness. Do you think the step which brought us to the point of recognizing a creative cycle, with on one hand integration and on the other disintegration, is as far as we need to go?

We must associate ourselves with the integrative process, presumably, in the recognition that there is the need for the disintegrative process, but that is not the realm with which our personal association properly is. There is a lot that needs to pass away: the world which human beings have created….

In the recreated world there is still a creative process going on. Integration and disintegration are going on but we’re not involved in them anymore. They are going on at those levels where they rightly should, fundamentally those levels where there is no self-consciousness. That is where this process of integration/disintegration is going on. The level of self-consciousness does not belong there. That is why human beings suffer: because they’ve become involved in this realm where the fire burns, and it’s hot and painful. They are self-conscious at that level and they don’t belong there. Being in the fire, of course, it seems very important that one should do something about dampening the fire and getting things more comfortable. But there’s no answer in that, because the fire will blaze up again, even if one succeeds in putting it down for a little. The point is that we need to move out of the fire, out of the level where that is what is taking place, where the separation is taking place; it’s a creative process. We come to another level, and we experience this coming to another level in terms of changing awareness relative to the world in which we are. Gradually the world in which we dwell is recognized as being what was referred to as the oasis, or the garden. We find that we are actually there. We are there, but haven’t known it because we haven’t been in position to appreciate the truth of love, the whole spectrum, just a little piece. Because that was all we were aware of we thought we belonged there. Well that little piece has a relatedness to us, but we belong in a different positioning relative to the truth of love.

So we are not averse to relinquishing our firmly held convictions about the world in which we have been existing in times past, right up to this point! We still have convictions about it that cause us to believe a lie, and we think that because everybody else believes a lie the lie must therefore be true: “Fifty thousand Frenchmen can’t be wrong!” Well it is not majority rule, you know. The truth is not subject to majority rule. The truth is true regardless of who acknowledges it, or accepts it, or understands it, or anything else. And four billion human beings can vote against it and say it isn’t true, but it doesn’t change a thing, except for the human beings who vote against it. They suffer the consequences, of course. So there are many convictions still present in our experience which are shared by others, and we feel supported in these convictions. Usually human beings want other people to support them in their convictions. If you can belong to a big enough group of people, you must be right. Not so.

So we are in the business of recreating the world to reveal the truth of love in differentiated expression; that is, the truth of love as it really is now. That is not to say that one recreates the world and there it is: that’s the way it’s always going to be. I hope not! You’d get bored with it very shortly, even though it was so heavenly. No, it keeps moving, but on a different basis, springing forth from the Creator, with whom we share the creative responsibility. Then a beautiful world may be created for the habitation of the Creator, a beautiful, colorful, joyous, wonderful world, made out of this vibrational substance, which left to its own devices wouldn’t be a beautiful world. It only becomes so because there is someone to make it so. And when we share the creative action with the true Creator, then also we share the resulting creation, and that is a joy forever.


Attunement Blessings,