Digestion and Attunement


The mopey and sad 17 year-old young woman came into my office with her mother, complaining of headaches and digestive problems. Headaches were common upon waking; her stomach was bloated and food had lost its taste (even pizza and McNuggets). She was missing a lot of school and was trying to do makeup so she could pass her junior year of high school. She curled up in my waiting room chair with her cell phone and let her mother do the talking.

This scenario is rather common in health practices these days. Somewhere along the way basic understanding of how to keep the body in a balanced and healthy state has been lost despite an untold number of nutritional books and a lot of media information about food, diet and nutrition. My challenge was to find a way to connect with the young woman and help her take responsibility for herself.

Nutritional pioneers, researchers and food gurus have long stated that “health and disease start in the digestive system.” This statement is so true. “The primary cause of disease is not germs, genes or toxins. It is malnutrition.” I have long appreciated the genius of Dr. Royal Lee, founder of Standard Process Laboratories, and others pioneers like Dr. Weston Price, who have pointed their collective fingers toward healthy, whole- food eating. My brother-in-law, Joseph Antell, a nutritional adviser to doctors, dentists, nutritionists and chiropractors says “Whether the body is blessed or cursed is consequent upon what food is chosen. Dead, ’empty calories’, containing no nutrients, create inflammation and disease. Live, whole foods with known and unknown ‘synergistic’ nutrients, bless the body systems and fill them with health and vitality.”

Thankfully, the teenager mentioned above did begin to take to heart some basic nutritional advice, which her mother had already told her but she could not hear it. And she was open and willing to share Attunement. In cases such as hers I start with the Alimentary Canal Attunement which so beautifully encompasses the whole digestive system. This technique is helpful when working with simple and complex digestive disorders and is highly effective, especially with the pain and discomfort of various diseases such as Crohn’s, irritable bowel syndrome and colitis. It is also beneficial for other situations such as constipation, stomach ulcers, liver, gall bladder and ileocecal valve difficulties.

Here are the basic steps to the Alimentary Canal Attunement:

  • Balance the cervical life pattern.

  • Balance the Attunement radiation through the TMJs (temporomandibular joints – one hand into each joint).

  • Mandible and teeth (hands along the mandible).

  • Throat (giving hand into the throat; receiving hand at back of the neck).

  • Esophagus (place the receiving hand at back of the throat or over the pituitary; place the giving hand over the esophagus moving in the direction of the muscle action – downwards).

For the following organs the giving hand directs the radiation into the organ, the receiving hand over the contact point:


  • Stomach (face contact point – tip of nose).

  • Liver and Gall Bladder (left ear and top of ear).

  • Pancreas (face – chin).

  • Small Intestine (face – chin).

  • Large Intestine/Colon (face – bridge of nose and chin).

  • Rectum (hand contact point).

  • Cross open mouth (closing the mouth will shut off the current) and rectum (one hand directing radiation into each) and balance the radiation.

  • Re-balance the cervical life pattern.

I have been using this technique for many years. The next time you encounter digestive difficulties give it a try.

P.S. – If you encounter hiccups, send Attunement Radiation into the Esophagus. It will calm the spasms and help the peristaltic action to return to normal.


Attunement Blessings,