Sound and Attunement


Sound has been used as a healing and calming therapy for thousands of years. From the Himalayan singing bowls to African drums to melodic flutes in Asia, sound is effective in helping to rebalance a person’s atmosphere and energy or nudging a group of people to find resonance and union, to assist in nurturing nature (planting crops) or to sooth our animal friends (think snake charming). An important principle of sound healing is resonance. The human body is a collective field of energy with many frequencies of vibration or tone contained within each organ or gland or body system (like circulatory). At the cellular level, all cells emit sound frequencies as a consequence of their metabolic processes. Modern-day research (British Academy of Sound Therapy) has found that 95% of clients suffering from stress-related disorders felt and experienced an increase state of calm with sound healing.

You are invited to join Attunement Practitioners, Diana deWinton (Colorado), Jenna Ash (Pennsylvania), PenDell Pittman (Colorado) and Chris Jorgensen (Missouri) as we consider and discuss sound and Attunement at the next International IAAP Teleconference call.  Aug 16 @ 9am CST, 10am EST – Phone: 888-394-8197  PIN 452793#


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