The Vibrational Ark (edited/condensed) Martin Exeter, August 16, 1987


Individually, wherever we may be, we are responsible for the sanctuary which we bring with us, and which may then permeate the place where we are. We do not, of course, bring it with us unless we have it with us; and we don’t have it with us unless it has been consistently our experience in our momentary living day by day.

There is a familiar passage, several passages actually, taken from the Book of Genesis, which I will read again, not because they may relate to some state of affairs in the past but because they obviously portray what is present with us now.

And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.

But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.

Noah walked with God. There was one bright spot on the horizon. The state of human beings on earth is, to say the least, deplorable. Every imagination of the thoughts of men’s hearts is only evil continually. That is an accurate description of the state of human conscious-ness. Regardless of all the efforts that have been put forth for what might be described as self-improvement, absolutely nothing has been achieved thereby. The state of human consciousness remains as it has always been, as far as anyone can remember. The inevitable result of this sad and deplorable state of affairs is the demise of the human race.

There has been, obviously, long opportunity for what might well be described as repentance. Thus far it has never been taken. Perhaps we ourselves, and some others on the face of the earth, may have awakened somewhat to this necessity, that there might be emergence from the deplorable human state. The human state is intent upon manipulating the various forms that are present on earth, in order to produce a better condition. But it isn’t the conditions that are at fault. It isn’t the conditions that need to be bettered; it is the fact that human beings remain in their deplorable state.

Nothing of any value whatsoever can be achieved by manipulating forms, when the manipulators are in the deplorable human state. It doesn’t matter much whether those manipu-lations are deemed to be good, or whether they are deemed to be bad. It is the attempt to manipulate that produces the sad effects. It is assumed that if one’s motivation in manipulation is good, then the effects will be a blessing. But ultimately it never works that way. All human manipulations end up by being a curse, no matter how good the intent was. Yet virtually the whole human population is intent upon their good intents. This is the way to ultimate disaster. There is considerable evidence that that disaster is not far away. It may seem to many people that everything is conspiring to bring disaster, but the conspiring is the state and motivation of human beings. So we can agree, I am sure, that this portrayal which I read to you is very accurate and applicable right now. Presumably it must have been applicable in the past too, but we, after all, are simply the children of prior generations.

But there was Noah, and Noah walked with God. It was said of Enoch that he “walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.” I think most people imagine that if one were to walk with God, the best one could do would either be to follow after God like a faithful dog, or, conceivably, walk beside Him – that would really be something! But the statement with respect to Enoch is an accurate portrayal of what happens. Enoch was not: there was no human identity called “Enoch” anymore. God took him. Here is the state of man as he really is. We talk about being one with God, but there is only need to talk about being one with God if we are not one with God. In this sense God is a human invention, a human invention because human beings are separate from what they call God. And this is insisted upon.

As we have noted, we have all experienced the state where we feel we have the right to do as we please. This right is deemed to be essential to freedom, freedom being equated with doing as one pleases. Virtually all the human population have been quite blind to the fact that doing as one pleases is bondage, because it takes the human being out of the state of reality into a condition humanly invented, because man was not created to do as he pleases. Of course I suppose one could modify that statement to say that when he was first created he did do as he pleased, because he pleased to do according to what he really was. At that point there was no incentive to do anything else.

But obviously there has been an incentive since that time to do something else, so that all human beings now deem themselves to be separate individuals. And they are going to do whatever they can to maintain that condition of being a separate individual, because it is a terrifying thought to somehow be obliterated as a separate individual. Of course the fact of the matter is that, generation after generation, everybody has been obliterated as a separate individual. Of course there have been all kinds of theories developed, and enshrined in patterns of belief, that somehow or other individual human beings were not being obliterated. This gave hope to those who were still present in form on earth that there really was something worthwhile or meaningful about all this nonsensical condition. But the fact of the matter is that there is nothing meaningful or sensible about the human condition. It is an imaginary state, which is very real to human beings, self-produced.

As we note, virtually all people are self-preoccupied, preoccupied in trying to preserve something that really doesn’t exist. It takes a tremendous amount of sweat of the brow to preserve it for – whatever it is, threescore years and ten they have said, but it is a little longer these days for some, at least; but the flicker of an eye if we are thinking of it in universal terms. What effort is put into this business of trying to preserve oneself as a separate individual! But the fact of the matter is that that is a lie. One has no existence as a separate individual, and each one finds that out eventually. But when he finds it out it doesn’t do him much good: there is no separate individual anymore!

So there is this matter of walking with God, as it is put here. Then there is just one identity. If there is just one identity, we don’t need to have separate identities anymore. The separate identity idea has been preserved in some religious circles by the idea that there is God on one hand and the devil on the other. This is the view when the state of separation exists. But if, as an individual, you walk with God, you are not; for He takes you. You lose your human identity, in other words. Noah went on being called “Noah,” for the sake of identity, but if he walked with God, God took him; and while it may have been convenient to refer to him as Noah, that really wasn’t his name.

We have become aware of what the name of God really is. That name is “I am.” All of us, in this moment could say, “I am present.” But, having said that, I am sure that there is still a conditioning element which equates it with this human personality. If I were to ask the hypothetical question “Who are you?” I am sure you would be inclined to give your name: “John Jones.” And back of that name there are all kinds of statistics. Everybody had a father and a mother and beyond that again, ancestors of all kinds. If you want to consider human relationships we are all doubtless relatives, and probably you don’t have to go back too many generations to find that out. The interconnections are all there. And things seem to continue much as they always have since the fathers fell asleep, as it was put somewhere. The fathers fell asleep and all their progeny have subsequently been asleep, dreaming about this very peculiar, odd, separate identity, which is clung to so deperately….

.We are concerned to let the change come in ourselves. We can’t let it come in somebody else. You can’t even make it come in somebody else. Did you ever try? It’s a lost cause. Even if you succeeded, how awful that would be: someone made in your image and likeness. Ugh!

No, there is a vibrational form, if you can put it that way, a body, to be generated. In order for it to be, it must have the vibrational substance to be, and that vibrational substance can only be generated through the flesh bodies of human beings. Human beings are useful in that regard. They are not useful in all the things they think they are useful about, but in the generation of this substance. We call this substance vibrational substance. You can’t get your hands on it, you can’t manipulate it, but it will take form according to the design that is present in that level of being into which the substance is generated. It takes spiritual form, I suppose you could say, if you want to describe it. We have to use words out of our language in order to describe things. It is difficult, because there haven’t been any words to do it because it hasn’t been done. Nobody knows what it is, so there are no words for it. We have to use analogies, in one way or another, to begin to be acquainted with what it is that happens….

There is an ark, a vibrational ark, taking form, generated because there are those who have been drawn together by spirit to participate in the process. The process involves changes occurring in one’s own human nature, and as those changes occur vibrational substance is generated. And that vibrational substance accommodates the design in spirit.

There is something recorded, as I remember it, in Matthew, in connection with the gathering of the elect from one end of the heaven to the other. It doesn’t say from one end of the earth to the other, but from one end of the heaven to the other – that is, in the field of this vibrational substance. If there has been a generation of this substance it is because it has been resonant to the radiation of the focus of the spirit of God on earth. As that has been present, there has been the radiation. And wherever there was substance in anyone which would resonate with that, they have been drawn.

But if it is a genuine coming, it is because of that resonance and not because the individual imagines that he decided he would come. Ultimately we discover that one can’t stay away – and, again, I am not talking necessarily about physical location, but stay away from the focus of spirit on earth through which that radiation comes. Then we find a relatedness to that, which is natural to each one. But it only happens because there is this substance already present to start with, and because there is subsequent increase of the generation. And that is the building of the ark. That is where we live and move and have our being, and we are no longer so concerned about external form. That’s what most people fuss about, isn’t it? “I don’t get along with so-and-so.” Why? “Because they rub me the wrong way” – the external form of things. But you come back to spirit, and the substance that is resonating, and we discover that we all fit together. We are not all the same but we all fit together. There is a design. There is an ark, in other words. There is an ark created of this vibrational substance, which is where we belong.

Do you think anything is going to be preserved in the realm of form as we know it now? If you’re stuck in the realm of form you are stuck in something that is not going to be preserved. There is no safe place in the realm of form. This has been true all along actually, but, in the past at least, it seemed as though one could dig a hole in the ground and hide oneself for a while. But we are discovering now that the fact is there is no safe place in the realm of form. That puts everybody on the spot, because if you imagine the only safety is in the realm of form you’re sunk! The safe place is the ark, and the ark is a vibrational ark. When we are familiar in our living with this vibrational ark, there we are. There we are, even though we may still at the moment be in form.

People are beginning to see that this planet is shot. It is not going to be able to support human beings, in the way they are accustomed to, anymore. At least that point is in the offing, not very far away. One could compare that to the Flood, I suppose: no place of safety, except in the ark. Of course that’s an analogy. But this is the reality now. This is the ark now which is being generated, or the substance for it is being generated, that the design of it may appear.


Attunement Blessings,