Releasing Habit Patterns – a Path to Freedom


Acceptance means: For now, this is what this situation, this moment, requires me to do, and so I do it willingly.” Eckhart Tolle

No doubt you have, as I have, heard it from friends or clients or family, “Wow, living is so intense these days!” It seems that in every facet of one’s life there is a bubbling to the surface of unresolved habits or patterns of behavior that are screaming for attention. These may be long-held family habit patterns such as how one handles money or it may be more primal. For example, many men find it difficult to speak the whole truth without embellishment, conveying only part of the story, or saying what one thinks the other person is willing to hear. And habit patterns can be found in the way one perceives the oppose sex or a person of different color, or physical size, or spirituality. There is no lack of subconscious material in which to do this conscious Attunement work.

From Habits #1 & #2 – Martin Cecil (Exeter), 3/1/64

So many of our thoughts, words and acts are the result of habit. Generally speaking, people give very little consideration to the formation of habits. Of course these habits are for the most part set when we are young in years. It is well that we should recognize something of the factors involved in this process. Most of us have already established a pattern of habits to which we probably give very little thought, but it is these habits which produce so much of that which finds expression through us. If we have already established with respect to ourselves a rather extensive field of habits, it is very likely that we are going to have to do what is necessary to change them. In the world of man it is natural, seemingly, to establish certain habit patterns which are certainly not evidence of the expression of that which is divine. If it was natural to establish divine habit patterns here on earth we would have a different state of affairs. Recognizing that most of that which finds expression through people is based in habit, we can see very well that the general state of habit, insofar as people are concerned, is a very distorted and wrong thing….

…. People establish habits for themselves when they are young which are going to plague them for the rest of their lives. There is very little consideration given to what is being brought to pass in those younger years, and once you have the habits set, then there is a certain problem if they are going to have to be changed. Therefore, obviously, it is the course of intelligence to make sure that the right habits are established to start with. Most people think it doesn’t really matter. Oh but it does, as will be discovered in season. So whether we are considering this from the standpoint of young people, who are in the process of determining the nature of the habits which are being established for themselves, or whether we are considering this from the standpoint of those who are older, with the necessity of changing habit patterns, we may recognize that there is a very important field here for our meditation. I don’t know what the percentage would be, but quite high—the majority of a person’s expression in life is determined by his habits, habits of thought, habits of action, habits of reaction, habits of feeling.”

In the recent Kansas City Sunday Attunement Session, we explored and approached how to work with habits and behavioral patterns using Attunement. It was creative, helpful and releasing. I have successfully suggested something similar for a few clients. Here is the approach.

Step one – If you are alone, begin by sharing Attunement with yourself; if you are with another Attunement Practitioner have them balance and hold your cervical life pattern. Their job throughout this conscious Attunement work is to hold you in a state of balance – supporting and surrounding as you work through the process.

Step two – Focus on a habit or a behavioral pattern that you wish to address. You may be aware of more than one habit/pattern, but for this exercise just focus on one. As mentioned, these patterns are present in many aspects of living and if one is observant and open to the idea of clarification, you will see patterns or habits in yourself that are no longer useful.

Step three – Radiate into the habit/pattern that you have identified, letting Love’s Radiation permeate the energy of the pattern. As this begins to occur, ask yourself a few questions – What kind of emotional energy is involved here? What are the attitudes and thinking behind this habit? When did this pattern begin in my life?

Step four – After receiving some detailed information about the habit/pattern, and as you hold the pattern between your hands in conscious Attunement, ask the question, “How may this habit/pattern be resolved?” The answer will come to you, if not immediately, at some point in the future. Receive the answer and acknowledge your willingness to let the habit/pattern resolve for you.

Step five – Give thanks for this attunement process and release yourself from the Attunement. If you are with a partner, he or she can close the Attunement.


A spiritual mentor once said to me that the current generations of people on Earth today are the means by which all the discordant and distorted vibrational habits and behavioral patterns may be resolved so that the divine state may reappear. That said, a person must be willing to do the work in him or herself. Attunement is a great tool to assist in this process of purification, in the renewing of our lives and the surface of the planet.


Attunement Blessings,