Attunement Intensive 2015


Heartland Attunement will host a three-day Attunement Intensive Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 26-28,in Kansas City, MO. The Attunement Intensive, coordinated by Chris and Donna Jorgensen will include Attunement (using the Attunement Protocols’ book), dialogue re spiritual consciousness and radiant work with personal and world patterns. Pre-requisite is the completion of the Attunement Practitioner’s Course. We will meet each day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., with a two-hour lunch break.

The price of the Intensive is $300 per person exclusive of meals and accommodations. Accommodations for out-of-town people may include staying with friends in the Attunement Community in Kansas City.

The theme of this year’s event is Radiant Consciousness. What does it mean to know and live from an identity of “I am a Being of Light, having a human experience”. How may I bring my radiant consciousness of identity into daily living.

From Attunement: The Energy of Being, “….Attunement works directly with the energy of Being. It is the reality of Love, the Love of the Creator, made visible. Attunement is simple to experience because the presence of the Creator, the presence of Being is within each human form. Contained in Being is the blueprint for living and purpose, the design for health, and the place from whence healing truly originates.”

From a talk given by Alan Hammond entitled, Absolute Radiation (7/7/02)…“There is a current that has created all the forms of which we are aware, including our own. It moves through these forms expressing itself, doing many things. It seems that this current unconsciously animates most forms of life. We have the opportunity of becoming more conscious of what the current is doing as it emerges through our own forms and through creation all around us. To me this is an exciting prospect.


The radiation of this current emerges out of an undimensional level and comes into the dimensions of time and space. It molds lower levels of substance, such as the atomic and mental substance, creating myriad forms, and then shines on out in creative activity. There are grosser forms of this radiation, such as the physical body, the mind and the emotions. Because they are grosser, the mind can fairly easily observe something of what is going on in those levels. But there are finer levels of radiation of which the mind has virtually no conscious awareness. And yet those levels of radiation have great effect in our individual worlds.”


The experience of the radiation of Being moving through the human form has been limited and confusing at the very least. The radiation stirs the human feeling and mental realms and is often misunderstood, which has resulted in a world of distortion and chaos. Together, as conscious Beings of Light having a human experience, we will explore the many dimensions of the radiation of Being, of Love in our lives, in our relationships one with another, the transition and ascension of our collective creative field of Being and the stewardship of planet Earth with its many forms of creation. This three-day Intensive is a beautiful opportunity to be together in radiant awareness to work with and open ourselves to a fuller under-standing of the radiation of Being. Let us bless the world through our Attunement and the conscious expression of our light.

Contact Chris Jorgensen at or call 816-221-7123 if you are interested in attending and/or for further information.


Attunement Blessings,