Lyme’s Disease and Attunement

As I have written before there are trends in the type of diseases, difficulties, and illnesses in people who are seeking help in my natural healthcare and energy practice. Over the last year or so several people have come to the office who are working with Lyme’s disease. This is an infectious disease with a name derived from the cities Lyme and Old Lyme. It was discovered in Connecticut in the middle 70’s and is caused by spiral shaped bacteria called a spirochete (borreliosis) transmitted via the bite of a tick. It is in the same family of bacteria as syphilis and remains in the human body for the remainder of the person’s life, cyclically asserting itself according to the ability of the immune system to control it. Early symptoms can include fever, headache and fatigue. For most people a rash occurs at the site of the bite 3-30 days after the tick bite. If treatment (usually antibiotics) is delayed or there is no treatment done, more serious symptoms may appear later involving the joints, heart and central nervous system.

When I wrote about various imbalances in the Attunement: The Creator’s Magic (2004) and the Attunement Protocols (2008) books, Lyme’s disease was not listed at the time because I had not encountered it. Most who come to the office are already working with the medical world in some fashion. There are regional specialists who deal with this disease—for instance Joseph H. Brewer, MD in the Kansas City area or Stephen Phillips, MD in Wilton, Connecticut. Even if the antibiotics regimen is successful, symptoms can remain (i.e. painful joints) in many people.

As is the case with numerous complementary healthcare approaches, a good detox is helpful and a great place to start. This can be done with an overall body cleanse and/or with a specific detox of the liver (and gall bladder) in some fashion. In the December 2014 issue of The Sun magazine, Stephen Buhner – an herbalist, said: “Japanese knotweed is invasive all up and down the East Coast, and its root is the most specific medicine there is for the treatment of Lyme disease.” A helpful Standard Process and MediHerb supplement protocol created by Joseph Antell is: Calcium Lactate, Cataplex C, Cataplex F, Immuplex, Cats Claw Complex, Lactic Acid Yeast and Sarsporilla. Sarsporilla is an herb that has been successfully used for these types of bacteria for hundreds of years, long before antibiotics existed. Other nutritional support is usually necessary. A Paleo type diet is a must because bacteria lives off of sugar and carbohydrates. Many of my clients have found the Boswellia herb very helpful for inflammation and joint pain. Also seeing a Therapist or Counselor may be necessary as spending a year or more with constant pain, joint aches and other things, can drive a person into anxiety and depression.

The Endocrine Attunement (pg. 16 Attunement Protocols) is recommended to establish a control pattern in the creative field of the client and you. It also opens up and expands the flow of the radiation of Being through the individual. I also always use the Long-Bone Attunement (pg. 23 Attunement Protocols) when working with a Lyme’s disease client. Many times after finishing the Attunement a client will comment that the pain and ache in the joints have greatly diminished and/or they have no pain at all. How long this “remission of pain” lasts depends on many factors.

If you find yourself working with someone who has Lyme’s disease, you to might try some or all of the above suggestions…and let me know what your experience is.

The basic steps for the Long-Bone Attunement in either the sitting or lying position are:

  1. Balance the cervical life-pattern.
  2. Balance the top four endocrine glands (pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus) until there is a solid Attunement current.
  3. Move to the individual’s side and work through the shoulders, radiating into the shoulder joint until there is a balanced current.
  4. Keep the receiving hand at one of the shoulder joints, move the giving hand to the opposite hip joint to form a diagonal across the trunk of the body. Stay until there is balance in the Attunement current. When you are working across the trunk of the body, it usually takes longer to find a balance because of the many organs and glands located between the bone joints.
  5. Use the same approach to work with and balance the current in the other diagonal.
  6. Move both hands to the hip joints; balance the current.
  7. Then place receiving hand at the hip joint, giving hand at the opposite knee to form a diagonal; balance the current.
  8. Use the same approach to work with and balance the current in the other diagonal (hip and knee). Generally keep the receiving hand above the giving hand. Throughout this technique position the front of your body facing the head of the client.
  9. Move both hands to the knees; balance the current.
  10. Then place receiving hand at the knee and giving hand at the opposite ankle joint; balance the current.
  11. Use the same approach to work with and balance the current in the other
  12. Move both hands to the ankles; balance the current.
  13. Re-balance the cervical life-pattern.

The Long-Bone technique is useful for many health problems beyond Lyme’s disease like low back pain, sciatica difficulties, pain control (i.e. cancer, Crohn’s, lupus), specific hip and knee surgeries and joint difficulties, grounding and the opening up of body perception, and spiritually soothing for the very young and elderly.

Attunement Blessings,