The Brain Game


Anyone who has a healing practice will notice client trends. You will observe a cycle of clients with particular symptoms which change over the months. Currently I am seeing clients who are working with brain injuries. Mild traumatic brain injuries can happen in cars accidents, sports, workplace accidents, falls, and in some instances through physical assault, including domestic violence. It is estimated that over a million people in this country sustain traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year, and that many will have long-term or lifelong need for help as a result of a TBI.

I have found CranioSacral and Attunement to be quite helpful in assisting those with brain injuries. People with this type of healing challenge often find the best approach to a full healing is to use various therapies in conjunction with each other like: Acupuncture, Attunement, Chiropractic, CranioSacral, Massage, Physical Therapy which may include movement therapy like Feldenkrais, and an open-minded Neurologist and/or Counselor/Therapist.An excellent book on the subject is Brainlash by Dr. Gail Denton PhD.

In a recent phone call Andrew Shier and I conversed on the above-mentioned trend and our specific Attunement work with the brain. In the beginning days of my Attunement training I was cautioned against working too deeply into the brain. After some years of experience I now know why. It takes a delicate, non-invasive and steady hand to work in the brain. The radiation can stir things up as well as calm things down. As we maintain a respectful approach, today I feel the Attunement Community has come to the point where we can work directly in the brain.

There are two noticeable aspects in this Attunement work. One is working with the physical brain. The other is working with the radiation/energy that is behind the function of the brain called themind. With the physical brain I often start with the “Open-the-Heaven” Attunement (page 20 in the Attunement Protocols book) and then may go on to work in particular areas of the brain (like the motor cortex and/or the brain stem). Before re-balancing the cervical life-pattern I finish with putting with my receiving hand under the chin and the giving hand (fingers forward) over the top of the head.

As I focus the radiation/energy that enables the mind to function, I am working with the Second Seal adrenal radiation. For me this Single Eye radiation influences the operation of the mind, both conscious and subconscious. First, I balance each adrenal–receiving hand over the pineal, giving hand over the adrenal. Then I balance the adrenals together–receiving hand over the pineal, giving hand over the adrenals (open hand to cover both adrenals). Finally, I place my giving hand over the top of the head with fingers spread to cover the whole brain and the open receiving hand over both adrenals. It is interesting to note that most individuals with whom I have shared this type of Attunement will comment that their mind feels more clear, relaxed and open.

When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside of you as fate.”

Carl Jung

When working with the brain and mind of an individual I am acutely aware that the Attunement radiation that is moving through the Attunement is also impacting the larger field of humankind. In my perception the collective mind is still quite sluggish and mostly asleep. There are trends in the collective mind which can be observed through various world events. So the Attunement mantra remains true–share this type of Attunement and you bless the collective mind!


Attunement Blessings,