Love Is The Answer

The world is changing and I am on the transition team!

Someone sent me the above Facebook message a few days ago. For me Attunement is the perfect way to play my part on the transition team. I have observed that most people who take the Attunement classes do not have, nor will they have, a public practice and yet they find many opportunities to share Attunement and let the radiation of Love have an influence in their lives. In this light Attunement can be seen also as a lifestyle. This face of Attunement is considerably larger and more encompassing than directly sharing Attunement with someone or a specific pattern. It includes every aspect of one’s living. Living every day mindfully in the Attunement current is being a Creator. I so appreciated the blog article Animal Ministry Aspects—At the Intersection by Claire Houston earlier this year where she shared her Attunement experience with animals.

In our Kansas City classes I often teach the principles and technique of Attunement while Donna speaks to the facets of Attunement as a lifestyle. When we hosted the classes in our home in years past, her lunches, snacks and the setting of our home reflected her Attunement radiance. In fact, many students humorously remarked that they were coming to the classes because of her lunches!

Mahatma Gandhi —Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

Our current civilization has lost its way and is rife with societal messages of hate, anger, discrimination and violence. Certainly this affects people’s consciousness and their energetic body.Trying to control another person and their experience is harmful to them and to oneself. For example, the exhibition of such human behavior in the Middle East conflict (and elsewhere) where women and children are seen as “spoils of war” is truly despicable. How can such abuses be addressed? My answer: Live the Attunement lifestyle!

From The Seven Steps to the Temple of Light,by Uranda:

Love—“…Love is the Law of expression in every human being, and he who harmonizes with this great Law is he who begins to live a glorious and happy, here and now. There is only one Way whereby anyone may harmonize with the Law and in this one Way is certain and absolute success…he who seeks to enter in that he may control another will find himself in the pit of darkness…A possessive attitude toward any person, be it husband, wife or child, will prevent the entering in…The one Way of Love is Love…”

I do Self Attunement in my quiet time in the morning. It is an affirming reminder that I am here to reveal the radiance of Love in my living today. The Attunement is simple and takes little time; the steps are below. Whether you have the opportunity to sit quietly and share Attunement with yourself or you share Attunement via your living throughout the day, I encourage you to actively engage in the attunement process. The problems in the world of human affairs are escalating. Who will bring the changes of Love if not me?!

  1. Balance my life-pattern using both hands
  2. RH (receiving hand) over the pineal, GH (giving hand) over the Thymus, balance the current
  3. RH over the pineal, GH over the Gonads, balance the current
  4. RH over the Thymus, GH over the Gonads, balance the current
  5. RH over the pineal, GH over the Gonads, balance the current
  6. Re-balance the life-pattern using both hands

Attunement Blessings,