Attunement and Nature


Nature is a symbol of spirit.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

I visit several websites each day as a way to keep myself up-to-date with the latest happenings on the planet and the solar system. One such site that I frequent is created by the ‘healthy ranger”, Mike Adams ( In a recent editorial Mike stated, “Clearly, something has shifted away from balance. At first, I thought these events were lining up just by coincidence, but now I’m convinced there’s a common cause behind it all. Something, in other words, is driving humanity into a state of madness……I’ve come to the conclusion that we, the more sensitive members of the human species, are sensing and reflecting what might be called, “Gaia’s psychic scream” – the reverberations of an intricate web of life experiencing extreme suffering as human civilization plunges the planet toward ecological collapse.” 

After reading the editorial I was reminded of the scene from Star Wars (the first movie) where the death star (planet size space ship) destroys a planet (home world of princess Leia). In the moment when the planet with all of its life forms was destroyed, it was deeply felt by the Jedi mentor of Luke (star of the movie) as a disturbance in “The Force”. Yes, something is out of balance, out of Attunement with Being and that something is humanity. The superbugs, viral pandemics, droughts, earthquakes, floods, sinkholes on land and in the sea, the monoculture farming, the spent-mined hills and valleys and over-fished oceans, GMO foods, and the incessant violence and waring between different segments of humanity are all reminders that the end of the ego human world is at hand.

In a teleconference talk on 8/3/14, a friend and colleague, Alan Hammond said, “In its present condition the human consciousness has lost all true perspective on virtually everything.” And later, “One aspect of the current problem is that human beings think their achievement in all fields is just great – whereas the truth of the matter is, they are abominably terrible.” And later still, “…the Tone [Being] would be the basis of all true fields of human endeavor, because the Tone [Being] has within it all the essences of these creative fields. The Tone [Being] is actually at the very core of all human activities, but they have become distorted.”

As I have shared in the Attunement process over the years I have gained more and more insight into the workings of the radiation of Being. I have seen and now more fully understand the amazing design and sacredness of the human temple. It is truly a conduit for the radiation Being. Initially my awareness of the Attunement radiation (the seven levels, seven endocrine glands, etc) was personal and translated into my human experience (hormones, etc). Working in the radiation was (and is) exhilarating and fulfilling. Today I understand more fully that I am one facet of many in a collective body of light, whose radiant Presence is creating the reality called creation. Each spirit of radiation moving through the seven endocrine glands creates an aspect of the living world.

A prime example of what I am writing about is the radiation of the Spirit of the Womb that is embodied by the pituitary. This radiation provides the container – the fertile setting – for the expression of the radiation of Love to penetrate and create Life as revealed in a human form. In the Attunement world we would say a life-pattern is created. If we shift consciousness and move to the collective level, the radiation of the Womb provides the container – planet Earth – whereby the radiation of Love can create a myriad of Life patterns.

Each endocrine gland and the spirit of the radiation moving through each gland is responsible for the many different aspects of creation. Joseph Antell’s clarifying words about the Spirit of Blessing (Islets of Langerhans – Pancreas) and its impact in the body were recently posted. In the collective view of creation, the radiation of Blessing is continuously creating the Life pattern for plants and trees. As I wrote about in my book, Attunement: The Creator’s Magic, each plant or tree has its own unique ‘current’ in the plant life-pattern that can be perceived and attuned. Actually as one shares Attunement and becomes conscious of one’s role as a Being of Light, some of us will discover that our radiation is responsible for holding specific ‘currents’ in the plant life-pattern such that certain plants and trees can stay in form. As well, I have found that sharing Attunement with the plant kingdom brings an awareness to light, namely that all plant life is seeking to weave a fitting garment for the presence of Being. Ever notice how nature will fill and cover bare earth? All to the end that collective Being may be appropriately revealed and have vibrationally available what is needed in the further aspects of creative function. Thankful am I for the radiation of Blessing.

From The Secret Teachings of Plants by Stephen Harrod Buhner, “All ancient and indigenous peoples said that they learned the uses of plants as medicines from the plants themselves. They insisted that they did not rely on the analytical capacities of the brain for this nor use the technique of trial and error. Instead, they said that it was from the heart of the world, from the plants themselves, that this knowledge came. For, they insisted, the plants can speak to human beings if only human beings will listen and respond to them in the proper state of mind.”

Alan also made a comment about energy work. “True science, in part, would be concerned with this organic energy and the effect of the qualities of its radiation into the organic Design. There would gradually become an awareness of the nuances inherent in the Current – the nuances inherent in the current of Spiritual expression, also describable as Love.”

Yes indeed and that day of Attunement is now.

Here is an Attunement exercise that one can share with a partner if you have a feeling for working with the plant and tree pattern of life.

  • Find a partner and share Attunement. Balance the life-pattern at the cervicals (C1) and open the place of union between you (Vesica Piscis).

  • Share Attunement with the Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas.

  • Have your partner connect with and hold her or his favorite tree – note the texture of the current and balance it. Then have your partner connect with and hold a household plant – note the texture of this current and balance. Lastly, have your partner connect with a favorite flower – observe the texture of the current and balance the current. Re-balance the radiation moving through the Islets of Langerhans – note the greater intensity and clarity in the flow of radiation (you have done some specific work with the currents of the plant and tree kingdom pattern).

  • Re-balance the cervical life-pattern.




Attunement Blessings,