Attunement and the New World


Recently I was invited to speak to the doctors and staff of the Integrative Internal Medicine Department at the Kansas University Medical Center on the theme of ‘energy work’ which included Attunement. KU Medical Center is a teaching hospital and tends to be on the leading edge of medical research and innovation. While a lot of innovation involves technology, other areas include what is being done in the Internal Medicine area where complementary medicine is being incorporated. Presently the main thrust of that is adding and quantifying the usefulness of nutrition and the use of Vitamin C infusions in their work with cancer patients. While there is interest in energy therapy, the stumbling block thus far has been the ability to scientifically prove its effectiveness.

A life-altering paradigm shift is required to participate in sharing and receiving genuine energy work – genuine Attunement. Such a change involves every conceivable aspect of one’s living. In my hospital talk I addressed a few of these basic ground rules for operating in the new world.

1) A realization that the world is one. The state of that world is union. The oneness and union are a reflection of Love. In his book, Proof of Heaven, by Eben Alexander MD, Eben related that, “And if I had to boil it down further [the message he received] to just one word, it would (of course) be, simply: Love.”

2) There is only the present moment – nothing else. No past, no future and thus no worries or expectations. Much has been spoken and written about the present moment by spiritual pioneers over the ages. From Eckardt Tolle, “How to be at peace now? By making peace with the present moment. The present moment is the field on which the game of life happens. It cannot happen anywhere else.”

3) Bell’s Theorem, an essential aspect of quantum mechanics, shifted a basic paradigm of everyday awareness – a realization and understanding that the Observer and what is observed are forever connected. From Taking The Quantum Leap, by Fred Alan Wolf…”The second paradox involved scientists’ view of science as a reasonable, orderly process of observing nature and describing the observed objectively. This view was founded on the conviction that whatever one observed as being out there was really out there. The idea of objectivity being absent from science is abhorrent to any rational person, particularly a physicist.

Yet quantum mechanics indicated that what one used to observe nature on an atomic scale “created” and determined what one saw….What one observes appears to depend upon what one chooses to observe.”

4) Consciousness is non-local. In the human body there are approximately 8 trillion cells and each cell could be said to have its own awareness (an example is a liver cell being a viable functioning part of the liver and having liver consciousness) and yet each cell carries a consciousness of who I Am. Similarly if one were to think about the larger body of humanity with some 6.5 billion cells, each individual with his or her own awareness, while at the same time there is a larger body consciousness of who I Am. In theory one could take this out to include creative fields such as the solar system and the galaxy.

All of the above points make it impossible for the ego mind created world to measure energy work or in our case, the Attunement Radiation. The interesting consequence here is that the golden standard of the “double-blind study” which is the sacred measuring stick in science and research, does not work. I often hear the comment by someone (like my physician when I was telling him about my energy practice) “Show me the double-blind study that proves energy work is real and works!”

Most of those (doctors, PAs, nurses, admin staff) who attended the talk (and shared in the perception exercises) were quite interested in what I had to say and particularly in Attunement. The question was, how can something like this be incorporated into the Internal Medicine program. A senior Pediatrician commented that she has high hopes of some type of energy education for the parents of her young clients, something to help them understand that the energies from their daily living greatly impact the health of their child. For me it was a good day!

The restoration of the world to its true state once again comes when there are people like you and me who are living in Attunement and creating the substance medium (pneumaplasm) by which that new world is revealed. Miracles are the order of the day; no more waiting, because the new world is here!


Attunement Blessings,