Attunement Intensive 2014

Karen Knox wrote this superb article about the recent Attunement Intensive. It was indeed a generative and enjoyable experience. Chris



Attunement Intensive 2014 – Kansas City, MO

Karen Knox



Twenty people from Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, and California assembled June 27th, 28th, and 29th in Kansas City for Attunement Intensive 2014 entitled Our Song of Love, coordinated by Chris and Donna Jorgensen.  The Attunement Intensive, designed for individuals who have completed an Attunement Practitioners Course, is comprised of sharing Attunement using various Attunement protocols, reviewing meaningful transcripts from Martin (Exeter) Cecil and Uranda, and conversations of Attunement spiritual principles in action in the world and personal lives.  On the first day everyone expressed their various motivations and feelings that brought them to attend Our Song of Love Intensive.  Reasons for the commitment and effort to attend included the desire to remember the Attunement principles, to realign with Life, be more aware of how the individual is a creator in living, the importance of atmosphere created and the creative process, how to experience greater love and effectiveness in relationships, to experience personal transformation and community.


Chris and Donna explained the purpose of the Intensive was to intensify the consciousness of Self/Being and to provide a means for Love to come forth.   Rather than just the fierce interest of the individual, they felt it is now time to emphasis the collective, sharing a collective consciousness in the work of Love.  Conversation over the three days explored our love for God, self-love, love of family and friends, and love of the whole.  How do we speak beyond fear and into the truth of Love?  How do we make every thought, gesture, and expression in line with the highest principles?  Do we truly believe all is possible with Love?  Do we recognize the extent in which we love ourselves is the extent we can love others?  How do we become clear in ourselves on how to hold the supremacy of Life and see the Being within others?


Joseph Antell elucidated self-love in reference to the nature of the thymus, pancreas, adrenals and gonadal glands.  Self-love, being aware of what we expose ourselves to and what we are opened to, provides protection and discernment.  How do I gather things around me that will bless me?  How do I manage my flame?  Being quiet and seeing the childlike innocence within gives balance.  How do I release sacred joy?  When we value our unique Spirit and the art of Presence, greater joy can be expressed and released.  Honoring cycles of the falling away and letting go promote the creation of the new earth.


Attunement protocols included the Head Attunement – “Open-the-Heaven”, which directed energy of Love directly into the head opening the cavities and stilling the mind. Recently on the IAAP website, Chris Jorgensen wrote about a heart protocol in the blog, Attunement: The Holy Place and the Heart.  With this Attunement participants had the opportunity to experience the creative field of Love, and through the freedom of this field release patterns of discord or distortion.  The Breastbone Sternum Attunement opened the heart area and removed stress from the chest.  The Miller Method of Attunement created by Eddie and Gladys Miller, early Attunement pioneers with Uranda and who were in the chiropractic field, is a protocol which treats the entire spine.  This was demonstrated by Joseph who had trained in Attunement work with the Millers (see pictures). The autonomic Nervous System Attunement works with the spinal cord and various nerve plexus and is especially effective in mitigating stress, trauma and anxiety.  The Long-Bone Attunement, which works well for low-back pain, sciatica and joint pain, was experienced with a new approach of two practitioners – one giving and one receiving at the same time.


In addition to the Attunements, conversations and readings, the three days were a time of self-reflection and an examination of what inhibits the Light of Love within us.   The depth of gratitude expressed at the Intensive’s conclusion revealed the participants’ intentions for attending were fulfilled.  Personally after the Intensive 2014, I feel more capable of going forth allowing Love to radiate and recognize that I am a part of the Great Song of Love.


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Attunement Blessings,