Attunement and the Lungs

As many of you know I have an active Attunement practice in Kansas City. Over the years various cycles of clients come and go. These cycles are influenced by many factors such as occupation and/or health difficulties. I wrote in Attunement Protocols about some of the health imbalances one might encounter in a public healing practice and an Attunement approach to handling them—for example Arthritis, Depression, Headaches and Stroke.

Recently I have encountered clients with lung disorders. This seems to be a cyclical pattern because last year I also wrote about Attunement and the lungs in the season of spring (northern hemisphere). Clients are coming to my office with everything from allergies and pleurisy to more debilitating diseases like pulmonary fibrosis. It is interesting that at the same time lung problems have surfaced in other places in the world. On the CNN cable news program it is being reported that MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) coronavirus, which first surfaced in Saudi Arabia in the spring of 2012, is on the rise. Thus far 262 cases of MERS have been confirmed in 12 countries (mostly Middle Eastern), including a new case, the first one in the U.S. (Indiana), which was announced last Friday (5/2/14). MERS is a highly transmittable virus, using air to move about the planet. With bacteria and viruses developing resistance to antibiotics and antiviral medications faster than new anti drugs can be created, the question remains what to do?  Here is what I do for people with lung difficulties. By the way, what I wrote in the spring of 2013 is still true, and hopefully the additional information below will add to the reservoir of knowledge and experience. Remember, this is a starting point only and not the final word on the subject. I am interested in other Attunement Practitioner’s experience in working with this particular health problem.


General: Lung disorders can appear in various forms such as asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia. In most cases there is some type of inflammation in the lungs, generally from foreign matter, bacteria and/or viruses, which can lead to congestion, mucous development, and the accumulation of fluids.


Technique: Direct radiation into the lungs, from the sides and the back, is beneficial after you have a control pattern established. Use of the lung contact points in the hands and face are helpful. Do not turn a person with pneumonia on their stomach; keep them upright at least 30 degrees or so to keep mucous in the lower lung region away from the bronchial tubes. The breastbone Attunement can provide excellent secondary support. Organ and gland Attunement work in the thymus, liver and spleen can bolster immune function. Team Attunement is highly useful when working with lung problems.

Other things to consider: Drinking more water will often help someone with asthma. Avoiding breathing cold air is wise for a person with lung difficulties. Immune and lung support can be found through diet, food supplements and herbs. Learning how to breathe properly through therapies such as yoga and holographic breath work can also be beneficial. Empathic people can inadvertently give their life force away through emotional attachment (usually via sympathy) to others–the draw is from the lungs, heart and chest area. A common symptom of this is a persistent (more than 7-10 days) cough and energetic fatigue. Thus it is wise for the Practitioner to review their people connections each day and release them. Other resources may include counseling, homeopathic medicine, nutritional input, massage therapy and acupuncture.

Attunement Blessings,