Viva la Revolution!

I have been silently watching a second revolution of human nature – a revolution to replace the Creator’s divine mind. In the late 1700s the first human revolution began. It was the development of machines to replace the muscle power of human beings. This was outwardly contributed to by the shift in the philosophical and spiritual view of humans. Thinking pioneers and philosophers such as Francis Bacon, Rene` Descartes, John Locke, and Isaac Newton brought an alternative view of creation – one that would enlarge the bounds of the human empire. While the Church viewed such an approach to living as heretical, those with the new (modernistic) view turned in their prayers for spiritual guidance and replaced them with the mottos, “dare to think” and “knowledge is power.” All aspects of the world could be organized in the new view of the universe because everything was reduced to monetary value. The gates for the emergence of the Industrial Revolution opened wide. No more rowing the boat by human hands. No more horses pulling carts full of domestic goods and supplies. Steam, electricity, fossil fuels, nuclear, and plasma power and energy have transformed once-simple devices into extraordinary, sensitive, delicate machines (think da vinci surgical robot) to replace human power. The revolution to replace human power is reaching its peak and ceiling. Time for another revolution!


And indeed there was an amazing shift in the attitude of the masses in the late 1980s that opened the door to a second revolution – one that is gaining momentum each day. The revolution simply put is, “our machines have done such a great job replacing our muscle power, let’s develop new devices to replace human thinking.” So much has changed in the last 25 years or so – no more telephone operators, shopping malls are disappearing as people shop online, airplanes (drones, fighter jets, and commercial planes) are being flown by remote control, automobiles can park themselves, and not far off are robots that will be servants in our homes. It has already begun with home systems that control electrical appliances, such as refrigerators that talk. The evolution of non-human technological electronic devices will replace the power of human thinking. And it is happening now! Because this revolution is an active process not a passive one, like it or not, I am a participant. It is not a matter of hoping someone “out there” will make the right decisions and actions to keep us all moving down the road to a more prosperous, safe, and better human future. I know that I have written more than one blog on the pitfalls of technology. Yet technology is still here, still in my life, and yes, still growing in size and capability. So a poignant question that I ask myself every day is, “How is Life being served by having, thanks to the efficiencies of machines and electronic technology, more space and time in my day?”
Here is what has come to my consciousness. These days of freedom – from lifting and thinking – are giving me a specific opportunity to develop consciousness of Being and to accommodate new insights relative to the purpose of this world. Truly, I have the space, time and energy to explore and share Attunement, which inspires consciousness, heart perception, and purpose, that the currents of Being’s radiation may come more fully through my living expression.


I have come to the age of retirement as far as the government (and AARP) is concerned. Yet, I am not ready for retirement; I am not finished. There is excitement in my bones! I see and experience a different revolution unfolding, a spiritual revolution of the conscious heart. The vibratory gates are open. Nothing stands in the way of sharing Attunement in the fullest measure possible in all of its manifestations, including Attunement with the kingdoms of this world. It is harvest time. The divine design of Love is gathering those who will listen to the conscious heart and play their part in revealing and healing by Love’s command. I join you in that creative field, a field beyond right and wrong – the creative field of Love.

Attunement Blessings,