Advanced Attunement Class Kansas City, MO – Sept-Nov 2013


class photo: front l to r –Karen Knox, Barbra Clavey, Elisabeth Kirsch

back l to r Donna Jorgensen, Dorothy Emery, Jodie Rafferty, Chris Jorgensen, Edwena Jacobs, Suzanne Summers, Tom Pope

not pictured: Gina Kuwata, Carol Whalen

What a fun and diverse class – age range from the late 20’s to the mid 70’s, a hospice nurse, a chiropractor, an art critic and curator, a pre-school teacher, an instructor for medical doctors, a massage therapist, two with their own Healthcare and Attunement Practices, and two retirees! We deepened and broadened our understanding of Being, the principles of Being, the right use of the energy/radiation of Being, the wonders of Being’s endocrine system, world history, and the greatness of the design and coordination of Being (and our place in it). The class was filled with handson Attunement, presentation, dialogue and social time. It was such a joy for Donna and me to work with this mature class where the currents of Love’s union were made more apparent through each class weekend.

Chris Jorgensen


From Elisabeth Kirsch (Prairie Village, KS)

“The advanced Attunement class with Chris and Donna enabled me to take a real leap forward on what has been a decades long search for spiritual understanding.  Learning about, and then practicing Attunement has helped me move from an intellectual to a real visceral experience of living life more consciously as a multi-level being of both earth and spirit. The individuals in this class were very special, and have helped me enormously as I continue to develop my skills as an Attunement practitioner.  If possible, I hope to continue to see and work with all of them.  I am so grateful for this experience.”


From Tom Pope (Platte Woods, MO)

What a wonderful class – great people, energy, information and discussions.

We discussed so many things it’s impossible to condense. This is how I feel about the experience.

I feel very blessed to have been with these wonderful women, and to have Chris and Donna shepherd our class for four weekends.

We are creators and we share responsibility for our creations.

It’s always a bit awe inspiring to come together with a group for Attunement and to feel the radiation that we create in union.

Love is learning, sharing, and being present in the now. Love is the answer.

We are on a journey and I’m thankful we are walking together.

“What you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi


Attunement Blessings,