Alimentary Canal Attunement

I love Attunement – in the office, at home, in long-distance work – in all aspects of my living. For me, Attunement is a conscious way of serving and living the radiation of Love. One of the more enjoyable facets of the Attunement experience is teaching Attunement. Last weekend we started a four-weekend Advanced Attunement Class in Kansas City. Interesting enough, over the same weekend Andrew Shier began teaching an Attunement Practitioner’s Course in New England. Two separate settings but one powerful line of agreement in the Attunement current.


During the weekend’s experience I had the pleasure of introducing everyone to the Alimentary Canal Attunement. Those in the class found this Attunement to be significant and impactful. It has been quite a while since any Attunement technique has been posted in the IAAP blog. So here is one that any Attunement Practitioner may share. This wonderful Attunement technique provides a soothing and healing balm for digestive disorders such as Crohn’s, colitis, irritable bowel, and anxiety. It is also beneficial for other problems like constipation, stomach ulcers, liver and gall bladder difficulties, and ileocecal valve troubles.


Below are the steps that I use for this technique. Jim Wellemeyer, a friend and mentor, once told me – “technique gives us a starting point for working with the human body.”  There are certainly other approaches to digestive disorders, but this technique is a great starting point. Don’t be in a rush with the Alimentary Attunement – I have shared this technique with an individual for up to 60 minutes on several occasions. One suggestion is to thoroughly balance the radiation as you work in each area.


The basic steps are:


  • Balance the cervical life pattern.
  • Balance the top four endocrine glands (pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus).
  • Balance the Attunement radiation through the TMJs (temporomandibular joints – one hand into each joint).
  • Mandible and teeth (hands along the mandibles).
  • Throat (giving hand into the throat; receiving hand at back of the neck).
  • Esophagus (place the receiving hand at back of the throat or over the pituitary; place the giving hand over the esophagus moving downwards in the direction of the muscle action).


For the following organs the giving hand directs the radiation into the organ, the receiving hand over the contact point:


  • Stomach (face contact point – tip of nose).
  • Liver and Gall Bladder (face contacts – left ear and top of ear).
  • Pancreas (face contact – chin).
  • Small Intestine (face contact – chin).
  • Large Intestine/Colon (face contact points – bridge of nose and chin).
  • Rectum (hand contact point at the wrist on the thumb side).
  • Cross open mouth (closing the mouth will shut off the current) and rectum (one hand directing radiation into each) and balance the radiation.
  • Re-balance the cervical life pattern.



In the last century some of the great pioneers of nutrition and healthcare (such as Dr. Royal Lee of Standard Process) have said that ‘health’ and ‘disease’ begin in the digestive system. The Alimentary Attunement is a superb approach in assisting others with their digestive health.

Attunement Blessings,