Further comments on the Syrian situation

Let me start by expressing a word of thanksgiving to all who read the Syrian article and in particular those who sent comments. Fear is a tough taskmaster and if intimidation and fear are in control, a person has little chance of being independent. If a government is based in fear, the citizens have no freedom. Where there is Love there is the freedom to be oneself.


I wrote this article to cast some light on the world pattern of fear (including my own) and its many ramifications, pointing to the Syrian international situation. The President spoke to the nation earlier this week explaining his rational for taking the position he has relative to Syria. I did not perceive ‘fear’ in the President, rather a resolve that such governmental behavior – using nerve gas on its citizens – by whatever country is not acceptable. I thought it the course of wisdom when the President invited Congress to have a voice in this matter (which indirectly gives each of us a voice as well -Congress is a governmental house representing each one of us).


I so appreciate anyone in the world who is sending the radiation of Love into this tense world circumstance. When I bring the current of Love into whatever is at hand, it will change the outcome. When a group of individuals bring the radiation of Love into the situation it changes everything. I have seen this work time after time in my experience with the Kansas City long-distance Attunement Team. How interesting it is that in the last 24 hours something of a diplomatic approach has surfaced that may be the answer for the moment. No punitive military strike where more deaths would be incurred.


I know there are different ways to view the Syrian crisis. I see the opportunity to heal a pattern created by the US when the second President Bush went to war with Iraq on the rationale that it was a pre-emptive action to save the world (and the US) from weapons of mass destruction. There are no pre-emptive acts require if one lives in the radiation of Love.


There is a great fire sweeping across the world, a fire of purification, cleansing all the various patterns of fear that have governed human hearts for so long. Let Love radiate without concern for results. A new day has come!


Attunement Blessings,