Attunement: Politics, Military Power and Terrorism

The political debate is on – what to do about Syria? World opinion is split, some in favor of a punitive military strike and some not. The US Congress is split over what to do. The headlines in the new this morning announced: “Obama confident Congress will vote to strike Syria. President Obama is meeting with key members of Congress today, telling them he wants to send a clear message to Syria.”

If you watch the news, as I often do in the morning, to catch up on what is transpiring (energetic and otherwise) in the world, you will need to be careful to not get an acidic stomach. The word “terrorism” is bandied about a lot today. It is hard to listen to any television/ radio news report or commentary without the subject surfacing in comments or discussions. Usually deep, scary feelings are provoked when such a word is used. What is a terrorist really? Terrorism is defined as act of terrorizing or a system of government that seeks to rule by intimidation. Words like terrorist and terrorism reflect an individual(s) and/or a collective group(s) choices in living; choices based in or governed by fear. When people are fearful they can be manipulated and controlled.


How can I handle such emotionally challenging events unfolding on the world scene? Or perhaps it is an emotionally charged event locally that grabs the heart, like a school shooting (which seems to be more common these days). A great beginning is to have some quiet time for Self reflection – remembering who I am, using Self Attunement to balance and harmonize with the radiance of Love, and giving thanks for the many blessings life has bestowed upon me. I can’t receive a blessing if there is no space in heart and mind for it to land. As the world continues to move in an intensifying manner keeping balanced, attuned, and in a creative frame of living is essential for sanity.


There is a quiet consciousness revolution unfolding today. The world is perched on a steep precipice from which it can fall into chaos, destruction and violence, if the path of terror and fear govern or it may rise up into the experience of Love, union and oneness. The choice begins with each individual’s personal identity. As Attunement Practitioners, each of us may invite our world to share Attunement, stay in the living Attunement lifestyle, and let our conscious presence be a beacon of light.

Attunement Blessings,