Kansas City Attunement Intensive 2013

2013 Intensive_600

Back L to R: Monica Hansen, Vicki Barbour, Teri Higbee, Donna Jorgensen,
Chris Jorgensen, Christine Gerson, Mike Phillips, John Graff
Center L to R: Tom Hansen, Jeannine Robinson, MaryAnne O’Mara,
Linda Doss, Erin Rivers, Heather Rischar
Front L to R: Bonnie Lloyd, Teri Frailey, Kim Oberle, Karen Knox, Barbara Clavey

◄ by Karen Knox and MaryAnne O’Mara ►

Karen Knox150

Being immersed in Attunement Intensive energy for three days generated an experience of remembrance… remembering the true essence of each individual and remembering my highest nature.   Often we worked in teams of three, four, or five, and I found whether I was receiving Attunement or sharing it, I felt I was the one being worked on and changed on a deep level.  Inwardly, negativities dissolved, perspectives expanded and shifted. The sense of separation between me and others decreased, and I saw others merely as different aspects of myself which I accepted and honored.  One participant articulated similar feelings as she shared Attunement she heard inwardly “I Am”.

There was no need to label or to have expectations of others as we pursued the common vision of humankind’s highest expression.  I respected each person’s striving to know divine essence and to serve humanity.  Other Intensive participants echoed an experience, “I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing, with the right people.”  The way this translates into everyday down to earth experience is an awareness of an absence of subconscious fear, and in its place is a sense of trust that all is well.  The puffed up anxiety of change with my recent retirement from Kansas City Public Schools deflated.  Additionally I now see the change in my physical condition as just a challenge to live with rather than an unknown to fear.  The shift in awareness resulted in a greater ease physically and emotionally.   I am deeply grateful for the unfolding Attunement experience in my life.  ~Karen Knox, Kansas City

MaryAnne O'Mara

I made a comment to someone the other day that “sometimes I just know things”.   One thing I knew was that I wanted to attend the Attunement Intensive with Chris Jorgensen at Heartland Attunement in Kansas City, MO.    It took a bit of Divine Intervention but I managed to pull it all together.   As my date of departure drew closer I received a few emails from Chris along with some material to read before class.    I admit that not all this information made sense to me and I was curious to find out more about the vibrational state of things.  I also wondered what exactly this New Heaven and New Earth was that we would be welcoming.

In spite of Mercury being retrograde, the trip to Kansas City was uneventful.  I arrived in time to see some beautiful storm clouds and managed to make it to my hotel before the ensuing downpour. After a night’s rest I awoke to a beautiful day and was anxious to be on my way to Chris’s office.     Entering the Kansas City Livestock Exchange Building, it was easy to imagine what the building must have been like in its inception.   Today it houses modern businesses, a variety of artists and Heartland Attunement.

As people began to arrive on Friday, I was welcomed by everyone.   The session got under way quickly with Chris and Donna sharing the opening remarks and an overview of the daily schedules.  Introductions were made that first day and I realized that most of the attendees knew each other from previous classes or Intensives.    Due to the size of the group, when we shared Attunement it was done in teams.   I found this made it easier to get to know the other participants and gave me a chance to experience and learn some different techniques.  I was fortunate to have Chris as part of my team a few times and appreciated his input and direction.   Sharing Attunement in groups, with the benefit of so much energy in the room, made the experience very special.   The protocols that Chris chose for us were perfectly matched to the energy of the group and our discussions.  I had the chance to participate in a few protocols that I have not had much practice with and am looking forward to incorporating them into my practice.   The days were well planned with plenty of time for discussion, socialization, and Attunement.

The explanation of the new heaven and new earth made a lot of sense to me.   Like so many others, I am in the process of letting go of things that no longer work for me.   In order for there to be a new heaven there must be a substance to accommodate it.    That substance is pneumaplasm which is generated through deep feeling.    The more we follow our heart, the more pneumaplasm is generated.   By letting go of this old heaven we are making room for the new heaven – and so follows the new earth.  We also discussed the roles we play in our lives and how essences – the ways of life as we know it – are changing to include the emergence of greater sensitivity and desire for relationship and love.  What better way to help those essences emerge than with Attunement.

There is no doubt that I needed to be at this event.   I met some wonderful people, learned so much and enjoyed my time in Kansas City.    The challenge will be to hold on to the energy and the teachings now that I am home.   ~MaryAnne O’Mara, Conway, NH

Attunement Blessings,