Joe Antell Sr

My father-in-law and friend, Joe Antell Senior, died peacefully in his sleep in the early morning hours of Friday, July 5, 2013. I so appreciate the consistent, thoughtful and loving care (lots of detail) provided by Donna (my wife and Joe’s daughter) throughout Joe’s specific transition process. I wrote the following article for a 2009 IAAP newsletter – the predecessor to the current IAAP Attunement blog. It conveys some of my feelings of appreciation and love for Joe.

A Profile of Attunement – The Life of Joe Antell, Sr

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO

Joe1Joe was born in Lynn, MA on August 26, 1923 and will be celebrating his 85th birthday this year. He experienced a number of adventures in his early years including the depression of the 1920s, and the separation of his parents resulting in a sobering time in a Catholic orphanage with his older brother, Jim. Joe recalls one day going to confession and temerariously telling the priest that he didn’t commit any sins that week. The priest did not believe him and gave him punishment and repentance anyway. This experience changed Joe’s view of spirituality forever.

Joe2Joe fought in World War II, serving in the Army Air Force in Australia and the Philippines on the island of Leyte. He drove heavy equipment including cranes and trucks and loaded bombs onto airplanes. He experienced some harrowing times when Japanese airplanes strafed and bombed his airbase. It brought him closer to his “Maker” and to the realization to not take life so seriously.

After the war Joe became a tool and dye maker, working many years as a foreman in a shoe machinery manufacturing plant in Lynn, MA. He married Ruth in 1947 and fathered three children–Donna, Joseph and Bob. He heard about Attunement in 1965 and following his first Attunement experience, knew that this was something he would share for the rest of his life. Over the next 36 years Joe lived at Green Pastures, a New England intentional community, where he gladly handled many jobs from planting and maintaining a two hundred fruit-tree orchard to coordinating the building of a new kitchen and dining room facility. Through it all he shared Attunement with any and all who were interested. People from near and far came to Green Pastures to share Attunement and spend time with him.

I first met Joe when I married his daughter, Donna, in February 1977. I recall him as being quiet with a steady, powerful presence and a light-hearted man with considerable depth to him. It was my great fortune, but as yet unknown to me, that I had married into Attunement via the Antell family. As my experience and understanding in Attunement grew, so did the stories that I heard about Joe and his Attunement work. My Attunement mentor, Roger de Winton, often mentioned his appreciation for Joe’s steady, faithful Attunement service.

Joe3Joe moved from New England to his own home in Gladstone, MO in October, 2003 to live near Donna and I. Joe hit the ground running, enthusiastically participating in various Attunement activities from Attunement classes and groups to being an anchor for the local radiation team that shares long-distance Attunement with all who request assistance. His steady presence and years of wisdom are obvious to everyone when he speaks. He continues to share Attunement in his home where he has a room set aside for sharing Energy work (Attunement and Reiki). He also participates in an Energy Healing group at the local Unity Church.

For me Joe has been an outstanding example of how a man might grow older with grace and understanding while at the same time continuing to serve, by first serving Being and then serving the larger world. I think of him as one of my spiritual and Attunement mentors as well as my father-in-law. I know that I am the lucky one to have such a fine example of real manhood in my life. His radiation is gentle and strong, extra fine like a vintage wine, always available, safe, caring and true to Being and the spirit of Love. I look forward to sharing many more Attunements with Joe in the days ahead.


Thank you, Joe.

Attunement Blessings,