Working with Feeling Energy Patterns

As I have mentioned before, in the turning of the wheel of life which is spiral like, I see 2013 as a year of purification. There is an ebb and flow to this clearing and cleansing process. Every part of us is being re-addressed to more appropriately accommodate the higher, finer radiation of Love and Love’s Design. In recent weeks I have noticed a growing, fiery intensity in the feeling realm of many people – clients, friends, family and myself. Yes, the feeling realm is in the great furnace of Love – burning, refining and purifying. It is as though this most delicate avenue of expression of spiritual essences is being shaken and asked, “What are you involved with in this day?” Can the feeling realm let go of how it translates things “should be” in life and instead stay in Attunement with life? The ever present challenge for each person is to remain mindful of what is going on with the feeling realm throughout the day regardless of the rapidly changing external world. And as equally important, developing a deeper feeling/love for Being – the design of Being, identity in Being, and the radiation of Being.

In a “former” life, I worked as a project engineer in the development of the Prudhoe Bay, Alaska oil fields above the Artic Circle. There were many details to the job, one of which entailed planning and scheduling the various projects including equipment changes, having the right personnel on the job, and travel arrangements for people and equipment. With some considerable help, the appropriate allotment of resources and time resulted in the completion of the projects scheduled. I mention this example because I see something similar to the wise allocation of the substance of the feeling capacity.

Because there are feelings associated with everything in the physical world, in ideas and concepts, in energetic emotional translations, and in beliefs, the test for all of us is to properly allocate the energy of our perceptive feeling substance which connects with the essences and radiation of Being. How will the essences of the new heaven (the higher vibrational state) be received? While prayer, stillness, meditation and self-Attunement are helpful on a daily basis, it is also vital to practice the realization that one does not need to know how things “should be” for people or circumstances.

A few days ago, a social counselor client said to me that I was lucky to work in the energy of my office all day long. I agreed. What is the quality of the atmosphere reflected in all the areas of our living? Do we reveal the love of Being? The new world vibration is squeezing everyone to re-address the use of the feeling realm. What shall fill the Earth (our bodies and the planet) – heaven or hell?

Uranda said many things about Attunement in his writing and speaking. Here is a quote of his that has always been meaningful to me. I understand “conviction” in this context as meaning a deep, strong feeling.

“If we are to have an awareness of God, then we must have attunement with God – attunement, awareness, conviction.  If individual attunement with infinity was more vivid and real than attunement with the finite, the awareness of the eternal would outshine the awareness of this changing scene, and conviction under the power of God would dwarf into nothingness the convictions that men have concerning the powers of evil.”     Uranda

On a practical note, when I am working with a particular pattern of feeling energy I often turn to Attunement to help bring clarification. Using consciousness I put the feeling energy between my hands and radiate into it. If working with a feeling pattern using conscious thought is difficult, give the pattern a name, write it on a piece of paper, and hold the paper between the hands. In my experience, this Attunement will bring insight about the pattern of feeling energy that is present – when, where and how it may have originated, and what can be done to resolve and release it.

I am a Creator. I am a world citizen. I am a steward of the planet.

Attunement Blessings,