The Attunement Practitioner’s Code – Part 2

“EVEN AS the dignity of life is precious to me so also is it to others. I will not physically, emotionally or in any other way abuse those who place their trust in me. I am open to hear both favorable and unfavorable comments about the quality of my service.”

I have been blessed to share Attunements for over 40 years and have had a public Attunement Practice in Kansas City for almost 20 years. Sharing Attunement is a sacred experience, often deeply personal and holy as the radiant current brings to the surface various emotions and/or mental patterns – from current and past experiences – that are unfolding in a person’s life. In the Attunement process the light of Being brings a sharpened sense of perception and awareness, while at the same time the love of Being will fill the human capacities with wisdom and understanding. The result is an emphasis on truth and compassion for the person and their world.

While sharing Attunement I am ethically aware, especially as I am giving or initiating the radiant experience, that I am the one in the position of power. The individual (or class/group in a collective experience) is on the receiving side of the Attunement current. Consequently, I am always consciously careful of my behavior because I know that the individual or group is in a vulnerable (yielded, surrounded, open) position. Let there be no energy or currents of misuse or abuse in me, whether through words, thoughts or feelings. Let me honor the sacred Attunement process and the way in which it is being shared and experienced.

Over the years of sharing Attunement with many people I have received a variety of comments and feedback. There have been times when working with a number of clients in succession that one client will say the experience was life-altering, amazing, and wonderful, while the next client will say they felt nothing. I quickly realized in the beginning that I needed to leave behind all judgment, translating things personally, and wanting the session to go a certain way; there is no room for any of that in the Attunement radiation.

So let it be.

Attunement Blessings,