Attunement Perception and the Vibrational World

Did you sense it? How did it feel? What was the nature of the changes you perceived? On September 11th a large explosion occurred on Jupiter. Someone was actually watching this take place through a telescope and recorded a video of it. Did the vibration of this event impact people on Earth? Was this vibration a contributing factor in the unrest in the Middle East?

You can visit and set the archives to September 11, 2012 to see the video clip. A follow-up of interesting pictures can be found by going to September 13, 2012.

In various ancient texts, Man (male and female) was described as the creation instrument through which the many upon many vibrational fields (currents) in the heavens (planetary, solar, galactic, etc.) could be translated into a world. A world of color, sound and shape that was pleasing to the Creator. This ‘Eden’ world initially reflected the divine and was filled with a living glory and joy.

Here is the bottom line—contained in each human being is a built-in ability to translate vibration into form. Human beings are doing it 24/7. In every moment each person on the planet is translating vibration into a form world. What kind of world will it be? One filled with violence, chaos and death as is being reported by the media in places like the Middle East, or a world that reveals harmony, peace, and love?

Rightly translating the vibrations into a living form filled with glory and joy is dependent on two primary factors. First, to honor the living divine design an awareness of one’s own true nature is required. Thus the burning psychological question of the ages (past and present) is, “Who am I?” Without the right answer, one cannot begin the journey into co-creative function.

Second, there is the necessity of fine spiritual substance. In Attunement this is called pneumaplasm. This spiritual substance is generated in daily living through all human activities, thoughts and feelings, allowing the connection between all the frequencies (above and below) of the many vibratory fields.

I love Attunement. For me it fulfills both of the requirements articulated above. To share a genuine Attunement my consciousness must be identified in the radiance of Being—I Am. And sharing in Attunement (collective, one-on-one and/or self-Attunement) promotes the generation of fine spiritual substance, the substance of Love and Being.

I encourage you to share Attunement and bless the world. Bless the world by making the most of the opportunities in living—to hone and mature the human equipment—that there again may be divine men and women in human form, creating and co-creating through the right translation of the vibratory fields.

Attunement Blessings,