Attunement for the Lungs

The central Midwest area of the United States, including Kansas and Missouri, has been experiencing a major (the weather channel says extreme) drought with accompanying heat this summer. The Kansas City area is now 90 plus days without any significant rain and twenty plus days of 100 degree or more temperatures. The grass is no longer green, the trees have been dropping their dried-up leaves and many bushes of various kinds have died. One upside to this weather pattern is that I have only mowed the lawn twice since the middle of May! As you probably already know, this drought pattern has greatly affected the commercial crops grown in this otherwise fertile region.

One pattern that I am seeing in clients in the last several weeks is stress in the lungs. Many clients have come to the office with their lungs and bronchi inflamed–coughing, wheezing, sneezing, and not able to breathe a full, natural breath; most of these people have not experienced lung difficulties before now. Over the weeks I have come up with an Attunement approach that is helping.

  1. Balance the Life-Pattern at the cervicals.
  2. Balance the radiation through the top four endocrine glands.
  3. Clear and balance the liver/gall bladder (using face or hand contact points).
  4. Clear and balance the bladder (using hand or feet contact points).
  5. Clear and balance each lung (using the face or hand contact points). I work top to bottom in each lung at least once and often twice.
  6. Clear and balance each lung using the bladder as a contact point.
  7. Hands together over the branching bronchi in the center of the chest–staying here until the pattern lifts to a higher vibration.
  8. Re-balance the Life-Pattern at the cervicals.

I have received excellent feedback from clients who have felt a sense of relief and a shift in the pressure they felt in their lungs, along with being able to breathe easier. Clearing the liver and gall bladder will assist in the cleansing process. I have found that the lung/bladder organs are complementary in the general energy flow of the body.

So, I invite you to use this Attunement approach for the lungs and let me know how it works for you.

P.S. Since starting this blog article, hurricane Isaac moved through the Midwest bringing a gentle, steady 27-hour rain to the Kansas City area (five inches at our home). I can, thankfully, feel the drought pattern dissipating because of this specific storm.

Attunement Blessings,