What is Being?

My wife and I started a four weekend, Advanced Attunement Class this month. What a fine group of people in the class. The Attunement current is strong and clear and the response to what is offered is clean and passionate. We are using the 250-page Attunement: The Creator’s Magic workbook as the basis for the class. This specific class is about the many dimensions of Being and coming to know one’s own Being in living through Attunement.

What is Being? To be honest, most people have little clue because attention and energy are generally focused in the material (matter) world. While there are plenty of thoughts and feelings bandied about, nearly all are involved with the physical world. For many people any consideration of the spiritual dimension is often limited to an hour on either Sunday or Saturday. Each individual can say and often does, ‘I am a human being’. So again my question, what is Being?

In the one-day beginner’s Attunement Initiation, we do an exercise that opens the door for the participants to give serious thought to Being. Part one of the exercise is simple – describe 10 roles you play in your life. The answers are many and varied – son, daughter, wife, husband, cook, salesperson, doctor, teacher, nurse, friend and engineer to name a few. Part two is often more difficult – describe in a few sentences your Being. Here is the reality behind the roles in life. Many individuals have a hard time writing just a few words, largely because no specific thought or feeling has been given to Being – their own Being. This highlights a remarkable factoid (Chris’) about our world – 99.9999% of the space in mind and feeling (heart) is given to the material world, .0001% to Being/Spirit. The world in which we live is managed by people who have little knowledge of or experience of or wisdom of Being. Now that is scary.

It would probably be easier for me to start by saying what Being is not. It is not unformed nor an undifferentiated mass of spiritual cells or drops of water in a big ocean. Being is not here to learn an earth lesson(s) nor is it required to gain experience in anything other than its own nature. Being is not here to save a person, humankind, nature or the planet. And no evil Being(s) somewhere are trying to trick you or me or all of humanity into doing nasty things in their living – nope that is the job of the human ego and it does it pretty well.

Okay – so what is Being? Whatever I write now will only be the smallest piece of Being for it is so vast and encompassing of both the dimensional and undimensional realms. For me, Being is the Creator. Being is the life in all living forms, everywhere. It is divine wisdom – the sense of the fitness of things, the cycles and rhythms of existence and how it all works together. Being is the creative process. It is the experience of balance, peace, tranquility, assurance and profound stillness. Being is light; it is the translucent radiance. Being is unlimited abundance and an all-pervasive inexhaustible energy.

I could write more but I suspect you are getting the picture. Being is Love and Love is all. So I say to you, share Attunement, experience the energy of Being, and touch the reality of your Self.

Attunement Blessings,