Welcome Pressure

There are many therapies available to help individuals with health and healing. Health is the long-sought-after fountain of youth. Some therapies include deep science such as gene therapy and the modification of DNA, while other approaches use different, and generally not as invasive, forms of therapies from hormones and light to magnetism and microwave radiation. All these therapies deal with fixing and curing because that is the quest, to remain sufficiently healthy so as to continue the present course of one’s living. In other words, for many individuals it’s so the human ego can remain in control—in an individual’s life or in humanity collectively—on the surface of the planet. This is not the case with Attunement.

Attunement works with the energy of Being and the conscious release of one’s divine radiance. The Creator-Being who initially and continually creates the human form is released through the attunement process. This radiation creates pressure in the lines of force in the subtle body energy field and eventually the human matter form. It is this divine ‘pressure’ that is the re-creative tool administered by an attuned consciousness of true identity. Yes, there is a balancing, restorative, peaceful aspect to Attunement which appears almost immediately upon engaging in the attunement process. And, as soon as the creative field is open, the pressure aspect goes to work, directing and shifting the energetic and matter levels to come into alignment with the Creator-Being. So welcome the pressure because it is bringing about divine change.

Dewey B. Larson, engineer, in 1979 wrote a book, Nothing But Motion, in which he hypothesized that the universe of creation, that which we can see, quantify and measure, is here because of motion. Motion creates pressure and the pressure creates further motion. I often tell my clients, particularly older clients, that movement is life, stasis is decay and death. This is an interesting conundrum for the ego-based world which tries to hold every aspect of living in some rigid form.

In a nut shell it could be said that Attunement helps to generate the required pressure in a way that whatever distorted, non resonant element that is present in a person’s energy field and form is clarified and removed from that person and the field. How wonderful! This is divine magic. However, the magic can only occur if consciousness is identified with the Creator-Being and not the distorted patterns being released by the pressure. A spiritual Mentor once said the following:

“If you are thinking about the pressure, if you are bothered by the pressure, if you are in turmoil because of it, if you are irritated and resentful, then you are identified with the distortion pattern…Let the pressure build, let the distortion patterns clear, and the Truth remains, the Truth stands; and while, in the process of the clearing, there may be a good deal of dust and smoke around, when it’s all cleared away the Truth will still be there, and you, if you’re identified with it, and everybody else who is.”

This is indeed a pearl of Attunement wisdom. No deep science is required.  No invasive procedures are required. No therapies to fix or cure the human form are required. What is required is the radiant release of the Creator-Being through Attunement. So I invite you to share Attunement and actively participate in the process of creating a new world.

Attunement Blessings,