Light or Dark

What is it that gets our attention? A spiritual mentor once said to me that what has my attention or interest has my energy and that I will move in the direction of that attention. Having lived a fair number of years since I was told this gem of wisdom I have discovered it is true.

Now, this wisdom is not only known in spiritual circles; marketers and sales people know this basic fact of life as well. “What has your attention has you” is used it to sell an unending number of ‘things’ – not all of which are really needed. Just check out the commercials on television or the internet. My brother, who worked and lived in Indonesia for several years, when visiting the States would inevitably comment on the number of commercials for pharmaceutical drugs on television; he could not believe it. Yet, the fact that we citizens of the United States are living in a ‘chemicalized’ society largely promoted by the pharmaceutical industry is true. Our society spends two to three times as much on health care as the next G20 (top 20 economies in the world) countries. Some of that cost is because television ads have our attention and hence our money!

Yet, something else can have your attention if you will let it. That something else is the luminous quality of Being. There is a natural response to what is radiant – like the light in a person’s eye (especially the ones we love) or the light-heartedness of our animal friends or the glow around a pregnant woman. Currently I am working with three pregnant women in my health and healing practice. It is a joy to share with them and the enhanced light of Presence. The key to experiencing this luminous quality in my living is the choice I make as to what I am willing to pay attention to with my mind and heart. I am talking personal responsibility here – an interesting word that has in it ‘response’.

My observation of the world leads me to conclude that most people are interested in being plugged in, turned on, and swimming in a sea of whatever – the ‘whatever’ being anything that will take and use the person’s attention and energy. Isn’t it time to take personal responsibility and make a conscious choice as to where our attention goes? In my healing sessions and energy classes I encourage individuals to paid more attention to their own radiance and Presence and the radiance of others than the many and varied material things that demand a sacrifice of life force. Spending a few minutes in silence each day, listening to your own Presence is an excellent start.

A few years ago there was a commercial on television asking for money to help educate those that could not afford education. The slogan of the ad was something to the effect, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” Yes it is. A mind filled with the material world is a mind in the dark. It seems almost too simple to say that each person has a choice – light or dark – for their mind and heart – yes the choice is real.

The true expression of living is light. Attune with the light of your own Presence.

Attunement Blessings,