The Endocrine System

I count myself fortunate to share Attunement in my practice each day whether giving or receiving, long-distance or close at hand. There is the utter joy of participating in the ‘third field’ that is created when two people find themselves gathered in the radiance of Being. The experience of ‘union’ appears whenever two creative (energy) fields blend. This dynamic field setting is where the real power of love (invisible) enters the material (visible) world.

Remarkably, the endocrine system was created to accomplish this end and it has a large scope of influence and power over the physical and energetic details in living. This is the one anatomical system that belongs solely to Being. The invisible energies of love are made visible primarily because of the endocrine system. Every day in the world of medicine and research, new endocrine gland information is being discovered. Once the power of the endocrine system is turned on, it – at Being’s guidance – knows what to do. The simplest touch of Attunement consciousness is all that is required to activate the endocrine system’s inherent power which will restore balance and release the health and healing energies at all of our dimensional levels.

In the 2009 Attunement Intensive, Joseph Antell (Attunement Master-Teacher) spoke eloquently about the endocrine system:

“The pineal is the only gland that is singular. All of the other endocrine glands have two aspects to them. In general the left side of the body and endocrine glands primarily relate to a person’s connection with the larger world of humanity. Here is the specific individual Attunement service into the world. It is the outflow of the power of love, and it is differentiated through the left side as it radiates into the world. The right side of the body and glands relate to the individual’s personal healing ministry. This is our work with all the hereditary patterns in our lives which we agreed, before incarnation, to lift up. You will see that, depending upon what is moving in the individual’s life, an energy pattern may tend to form more on the right side or the left side. It is no accident that we have physical manifestations of the patterns with which we work. These patterns are there to be lifted up, transformed and transmuted. These are things that we chose in this lifetime, they are not a curse! They are the means through which the blessing of love moves into the world.”

Over the years I have shared hundreds of Attunements and watch the process of healing and restoration to health and balance occur in many lives. Not everyone was willing to enter the ‘third field’ to experience such changes. As always it is up to each one as to what they are willing to share. For my part I encourage all to find an Attunement Practitioner and share Attunement. Beyond the experience of balance, health and healing, a sense of purpose and home will fill your life.

Attunement Blessings,