Sacred Spaces

When is something sacred? Sacred space usually invokes the absolute and the divine. Yet, what is sacred to one person may not be sacred to another. In a world of six billion plus people the fact that sacred space is not the same to all people is leading the world into chaos. Is there common ground to be found?

Could it be that the entire planet is not seen as sacred by everyone? The native peoples of North America could not believe that the white man’s civilization did not see the ‘earth mother’ as sacred and whole. How could a person ‘own’ a piece of the rock (oops – that is an insurance company’s slogan) – planet earth. The European religious societies that came to North America and pillaged and destroyed the existing Indian culture, had long forgotten that the earth was sacred. The earth was seen as an object with a monetary price that could be bought and sold. North America is only one example; similar stories can be pointed to in other places and cultures on the planet. What is held sacred to one people is not necessarily held as sacred by other peoples.

The fundamental perspective that the whole earth is sacred can only resurface in the awareness of someone who is identified with the divine, the absolute, the Creator in him or herself. I use these specific words to define things because in the arena of religion and culture, there is conflict in naming the divine. Without knowing the divine in oneself, in one’s own identity – I am the Creator, I am divine; we have the dilemma that we do today in New York City and the location of what is known as the Ground Zero Mosque. Whose religion or definition of sacred or divine will win out?

In the stories of the great spiritual teachers and leaders down through the centuries of human history, when the dawning awareness (change in identity) of the divine started to emerge in the person, one of the first thoughts that came with that change was a consciousness that the whole earth of oneself as well as the planet is holy, hallowed ground, and sacred. An example of this was Moses’ experience in his awakening in the wilderness of the Sinai. There are many other spiritual leaders that could be pointed to in a similar fashion.

The point that I wish to make here is that the only solution for the dilemma facing humankind is a shift of spiritual identity. When an individual knows that he or she is sacred and divine, then the whole earth will be seen as sacred and divine. Attunement is one tool that is available to help with the transition to spiritual identity. To share Attunement is to open oneself to the experience of union with Spirit/Being – one’s own, and through that experience with the whole of Spirit/Being.

The earth is divine, sacred – all of it!

Attunement Blessings,