Being Spiritual

Recently, someone close to me asked the question, “What does being spiritual mean to you?” This question came in the middle of a conversation about death. Are we just a physical body with an ego mind and emotions or are we something more?—the “something more” relating to Being (Spirit), consciousness, energy, and a matter body with a mind and feeling capacity.

Webster’s II dictionary defines spiritual as – “relating to, consisting of, or having the nature of spirit: not tangible or material – of concern with the Soul – relating to God.” Yes. Indeed, there are many interpretations of what spiritual is in our world. For some it is religion and ancient texts, others meditation and prayer, communing with nature, or attending new age seminars and reading inspirational books, or learning the great mysteries. Perhaps there are as many ideas about being spiritual as there are human beings. Wait a minute, as I write that last sentence a part of me says “no – most people tend to not take responsibility to think about being spiritual and would rather accept someone else’s idea of what spiritual is, be that from the pulpit, a teacher or a guru.”

I recently received an email from Christine Page, author, medical doctor, intuitive, mystic and alchemist who stated, “it [spiritual] is when I am fully expressing my soul’s blueprint in my daily life so that there is no separation between my spirit and matter, heaven and earth; they are one, the meaning of unity consciousness.”

I honor Dr. Page’s willingness to define being spiritual, sharing her perspective with her world. I have done something similar in classes that I have taught and in conversations, as noted above, and now through this blog. Yet, the fact remains that discussions about being spiritual are sometimes sadly a reflection of just how far the separation between what is divine and spirit and what is human and material is. The Universe is whether we understand it or not. It operates and continues to exist whether we understand it or not. A mentor once said to me, “spiritual things are spiritually discerned.”

People urgently travel near and far these days to ‘sacred sites’ around the world which are purported to hold special spiritual energies. These physical sites may be stone circles, or temples, or power spots on the earth, (often an ancient setting) and are seen as a way to touch and experience sacredness and spirit again. Well, perhaps. In my book of life, the one truly sacred site where the process of change and the dissolving of the illusion of separation can transpire is within ourselves, in our own consciousness, and no where else. The requirement is a complete shift in identity.

So for me, being spiritual is the height of practicality. It is a consciousness of union (oneness) in living. Heaven (spiritual – energetic) and Earth (world of matter) are one – always have been. I am the Creator in human clothing. This is where the power of Attunement emerges, transforming and transmuting the world.

Attunement Blessings,