The Generations of Pneumaplasm Part II

The X-ers have come into form during a dizzying period of transition where society, which has been lost in materialism and individual achievement, is moving towards a more whole, green, sustainable, and balanced perspective of Spirit and the material world. While purification remains strong, there is a new respect for all aspects of Life. This generation did not participate in the traditional dating scene of two dating each other; rather they spend time in packs and groups. Instead of two going to some event like a movie, the whole gang of 8 or 10 goes together. There is the appearance of a more tangible expression of oneness and accord, especially with the advent of the internet, twitter, and multi-purpose cell phones which help to convey experiences of daily,  and sometimes moment-by-moment living. The X-errs are in touch with each other more than any generation before them. More interracial relationships are appearing because this generation does not see race, color, occupation, or class of society as things that matter; rather it is a person’s quality of character expressed in living. The fight between the sexes is diminishing because masculine and feminine energies are seen and experienced as being equal. The spiritual substance of the X-errs is rich with acceptance, forgiveness, stability and a new view of what it means to live in a collective whole.

The Millennium generation is barely with us and yet their radiation is already making significant impact. This generation does not see race, color, class, sex or other aspects of society that have led past generations to discriminate and hold prejudice. They have come into form with the energy/radiation of union and oneness already in place – for them it is how life is, not a mantra to be repeated to help keep one in spiritual alignment. The Millennium children are ultra sensitive to all things worldly – feelings, thoughts, and physical actions. Every act of everyone’s living is exposed to their inner and outer eyes. Their endocrine system and nervous systems are more sharply and finely attuned to the world of Spirit-Being. For the Millennium children the feminine and masculine energies are equal and balanced in themselves as well as in their view of humanity. Their challenge (and those of us in the other generations) is to honor their internal, spiritual guidance rather than any label that the outer world may impose like ADD, ADHD, and/or Autistic. The pneumaplasm generated by the Millennium generation is accommodating the lines of force that will create the new world, the new Garden of Eden on the Earth’s surface once again because there is the full range of spiritual substance present to accommodate the radiation of Spirit-Being.

So join me in enjoying, understanding and loving each and every opportunity that comes along to share Attunement with whomever of whatever generation. It all contributes to the larger generation of pneumaplasm for this planet. Attunement is a divine gift by which we each can participate in the restoration of our divine home.

Attunement Blessings,