The Generations of Pneumaplasm – Part I

Over the years I have found myself sharing Attunement with all kinds of people. These individuals come from the four generations that are in form on Earth. Today this includes the generations that experienced the depression and World War II: (70-85 plus), the Boomers (45-65), the X-errs (20-40), and the Millennium (new born to 15). Each generation has it own quality and character of energy/radiation that creates a unique range of spiritual substance that one can tangibly perceive. I understand that it takes all four generations being in form at the same time to provide the full range of pneumaplasm whereby Spirit-Being can create on the surface of our planet.

The generation that went through the worldwide experiences of the depression, followed immediately by the Second World War, came into form in the 1920s and 1930s with a quality of radiation that allowed these events to be handled. Their collective energy carried a ‘never quit’ attitude and a willingness to ‘sacrifice’ individual pleasures and achievement for the survival of the greater whole. They also brought forward the Victorian moral and social views. Today, especially in individuals who have done their inner work through their robust younger years, they generate a sweet, loving it all, refined pneumaplasm that complements the other generations and opens the upper levels of spiritual understanding.

The Boomers came into form with a silver spoon in their mouths. So much material wealth has been given to this generation that the previous generation did not receive in their younger years, yet were inspired to provide for their children. The Boomer radiation is that of being a rebel, challenging the rules and regulations of society. The ‘flower power’, ‘protesting society and its war’ and ‘free sex’ are some of the attitudes and actions of this generation. This energy supported the Boomers in the mending process in the great divides of society – race, money, sex, relationships, power, even introducing the idea that humanity is one and potentially one with the other forms of life on the planet. The Boomers also bring a spirit of purification to all things human. The light is shinning; everything is being revealed for all to see. The pneumaplasm generated by the Boomers has already allowed the ship of humanity to leave the old Victorian world in favor of something different, a new home; a new earth.

Attunement Blessings,